ZPACK while on birthcontrol
elia09 posted:
I have an issue and don't know what to do I have been on birth control (Kelnor) for about a year now I have never had an issue with it. Until this month I got sick and took Z-pack (also know as azithromycin). I was on it for about 6 days and realized it was a sort of antibiotic. I did have sexual intercourse after I was on it and now I am 2 days late I usually get my period on the 4th to last pill and tomorrow will be my last pill before I start my new pack and still no period. I have been worried and took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative twice. I don't know if I should stress or keep calm please give me some information.
georgiagail responded:
Zithromax (azithromycin) isn't a sort of antibiotic; it is an antibiotic and unfortunately, it can decrease the effectiveness of oral birth control agents:


However, the risk is relatively small. Continue the birth control pill schedule as you would normally do and if no menstrual period shows up, continue testing for pregnancy. Keep in mind that your illness this month may have thrown your menstrual cycle off schedule.

elia09 replied to georgiagail's response:
thank you this helped me a lot.