Vaginal Discharge after a Laproscopic Hysterectomy and Cystocyl Repair
taylorfarmilette posted:
Recently my mother underwent a Laproscopic Hysterectomy as well as having her bladder raised. One end was tied to her tailbone and the other to her cervix using a mesh bag.

Four weeks later and my mother is still experiencing vaginal discharge. Fearing infection, the doctor prescribed her a very strong antibiotic to take over the course of 7 days. Although she is finished taking the medication, my mother is still having disharge. She described it as a "redish-pink tinged color".

Is this normal? Has anyone else had this same surgery and experienced these same symtoms?

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Is still having vaginal dishcharge four weeks after undergoing a Laproscopic Hysterectomy normal? Especially after being on antibiotics?
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georgiagail responded:
It's not unusual to have a discharge for 4 to 6 weeks after this surgery. It's often described as a pinkish or light brown discharge. It's seen as part of the healing process.

It becomes a concern if the discharge is bright red blood.