Pregnant and constipated...
nic14120 posted:
I am 27 weeks along and gestational. I just started taking nightly injections of insulin. I am not sure if this is related, but Friday I noticed I didn't go, and yesterday and today I have been constipated. I have been going, but they have been only small amounts at a time, and I have to strain to go! Could the insulin caus this? Also, could the straining hurt the baby/placenta/or break my water?
georgiagail responded:
Constipation is a pretty common event during pregnancy. It has nothing to do with insulin and no, straining won't hurt the baby or break your water. As the uterus expands it can push on the colon a bit increasing the chances of constipation.

I found Fiber One cereal and lots of water to be very helpful for this (it wasn't until I was pregnant that I REALLY learned what constipation was all about!). You can also discuss whether it is safe for you to take a stool softner at your next OB appointment.