White ball at entrance of vagina?
ithigan posted:
I'm 18 and a virgin, and I don't know much about my body. Tonight before and after I took a shower, I noticed there was what looks like a white ball inside the entrance of my vagina... I've never noticed it before because I honestly haven't cared enough to look until now. Is that the hymen? Or is it something I should be worried about?
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear ithigan: The most common reason for what you have described is a type of pelvic prolapse especially a cystocele (bladder sags down through the roof of the vagina). Yet pelvic prolapse is VERY rare in a young and virginal woman. Thus my best GUESS is either your hymen, or more remotely a vaginal cyst near the vaginal opening. Since you have shown the wisdom (and courage!) of doing an initial self exam, I would urge you to see a GYN or your local county family planning clinic so that a professional can do a brief external exam. This is the best way to get a more "for sure"answer. Yours, Jane