Strong Smelling Urine
An_196920 posted:
For about a month now I have noticed a strong sweet smell to my urine. I do not have diabetes and I quit smoking about a month ago and I'm wondering if this could be linked to detoxing itself. The odor is horrible, just wondering if anybody would know what this could be from. Also, my diet has not changed, I haven't eaten asparagus and I hate beets. I do not take vitamins either....
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Anon_9916,

I'd encourage you to see your doctor and get your urine checked out to see if you have an infection or anything else going on.

I will mention I had a friend who quit smoking and she was surprised how "strong" things in general smelled. This article on the Benefits of Smoking Cessation notes that your sense of taste and smell start to return 48 hrs after quitting. You do mention both that you quit smoking and your urine starting smelling a month ago, which is why I mention it.

Definitely see your doctor to get this figured out.

Yours in health,