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Endometrial Ablation or Partial Hysterectomy
Stepb posted:
I'm turning the big 40 in a few months and have been having issues with heavy bleeding, clotting, pain in my lower left pelvic area as well as hip pain and an overall feeling of fullness and stretching for over 2 years. It's as if someone has a fist in my lower, left abdomen. For 2 -3 weeks around my period, it's hard to get comfortable sitting or laying down.

I've had four sets of ultrasounds, both regular and vaginal, by two gyno's. Everytime they've found an enlarged uterus that's returned fairly close to normal after a period. They saw a 'small' fibroid on my uterus as well as having a tilted uterus which could be a cause for the side pain. I've had a biopsy as well. The results came back normal. 8 mos later the discomfort in my side is more frequent and more painful. I bleed at least 3 weeks out of the month. If I have sex during the off week, I start bleeding again. Using a tampon once during my period actually seems to make the bleeding stop for a few days..clotting perhaps? I'm on my 3rd type of BC. We even tried those where you don't have a period for 3 mos. I bled through and it felt as if my left side was even more swollen than before. My gyno says I could be one of those women whose body does what it wants. I've researched a lot and know it's not normal for a body to do what mine is doing. I think I might have adenomyosis from the symptoms I've been reading.

I visited with my regular doc for follow up on some bloodwork. I had low B12 and D levels which were causing fatigue and shaking hands. I discussed the full extent of my gyno issues with her and she agreed prolonged bleeding could easily affect hormones and my vitamin levels.I asked if she and my gyno could look at my history together as they're in the same building. I have told her and my gyno I do not want to have any more children. I do want my life back as I'm miserable but hide it well. She suggested I consider an endometrial ablation as I'd only be down for a week or so. I've researched it and from what I've found on Webmd and elsewhere, it could cause more harm than good, especially if I do have adenomyosis as they can't reach all the problem tissue in the uterine wall. I've been leaning towards a partial hysterectomy. Even though the down time may be longer. I know there's hormonal shifts from that as well. I also know my mother has suffered from the same problems since she was in her late 30's. I believe it's hereditary.

I've read all the posts from people who've had horrible side effects from ablations. Any positive experiences? What about a partial hysterectomy?
An_196986 responded:
How about looking for a second opinion from a different gyn ?
Katiedid229 responded:
I'm 35 and went through alot of what you did.
I too have a tilted uterus.
I had the ablation done ,but it did not work for me.
the recovery was fine mine did not work because i was told I have a discincriniss uterus still not sure what that means.
anyway I ended up having a partial vaginal hystorectomy.
Im in week 4 now of recovery and I feel great. I think you should try the ablation you will know within a few months if it worked for you, if not then the hystorectomy will. hope this helps.
Stevalerie responded:
I have just been suggested to have a endometrial ablation due to heavy menstral bleeding and I have a polyp that must be removed... I have had a clear odorless discharge ever since I had my last child, I have to wear a pantiliner just about all the time. Did you have this problem too?
someonewhocares3 replied to Stevalerie's response:
Polyps can cause heavy bleeding so removing them may resolve it but they have to be removed at the base (polypectomy). Ablations can cause problems down the road. The uterus continues to attempt to perform its functions of lining build up and shedding but it can't due to the fact that the lining is damaged. This can cause chronic pelvic pain which then can lead to hysterectomy, another destructive surgery.

The non-profit HERS Foundation at has information about female conditions and treatment options. Scroll down mid-page and click on the condition or treatment to get the facts.

Wishing you the best!

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