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An_197198 posted:
Im 18 and I was diagnosed with HPV in Oct 2010, my gyn told me not to worry we were gonna watch it carefully. Unfortunately, it is now more and Im now showing signs of dysplasia, I honestly do not know what to do. I am nervous, scared and sad at the same time. Ive read up on High Risk HPV; understand how I got it, but it seems so weird to me. Im going to have a colposcopy this week. If you have any advice or any thing feel free to express it .

wellnessmom4 responded:
No need to fear the colposcopy. You'll be in the same position as when you have your exam/Pap done and this is an excellent time to chat with your Gyn and ask questions. (Go prepared!) Your Gyn may take a biopsy, but don't fear this either - yes, it stings a little but it lasts only SECONDS and you can endure it just fine. Until then, read up on HPV to become as informed as you can; the more you understand, the more you will feel in control of your body. You will find that HPV is widespread, especially in your age group, so you are not alone - it just might seem that way because no one talks about it. Some people seem to heal up spontaneously from HPV infection and others, like us, have a little more difficulty with it, but that's okay - you can live with this and manage it. Take good care of yourself, try to keep your immune system as healthy as possible, and by all means, think of your Gyn and the colpo as your allies in staying healthy.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I've had two or three colposcopies and while they weren't exactly fun, they weren't too bad. If the doctor takes a sample of your cervix, you will feel a sharp pinch; hopefully your doctor will warn you before that.

All three of my colposcopies and samples came out normal.
An_197199 responded:
I've had 4 and the leap procedure done. I kept testing positive for 5 years then i tested negative.

Don't be afraid. Stay on top of it. The colposcopy's hurt but not all that bad. just a pinch and hopefully not more than 1 spot. Your body is meant to heal itself, so stay positive, know that you're healthy.

Don't be sad. I know that when i got that positive test result i felt terrible. But that passed and i realized that its not a judgement on me or my character. Its like getting a cold. Sometimes you're just in thhe wrong place at the wrong time and you catch it. Nothing to be sad about. Just take care of yourself. I forget what the stats are but so many women get it and they just don't know about it. Their bodies heal and they move on. same will be true for you. Hang in there kiddo!
LovelyLii replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I had a slight pinch, my doctor said I shouldnt worry though. Then she mentioned after that if it does not come back normal, she's gonna do laser.
LovelyLii replied to An_197199's response:
Im definitely trying to stay positive now, although my immune system as been failing me lately Im not gonna give up yet. :)
LovelyLii replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Yes, I felt the pinch and a lil discomfort. My doctor talked me through it though. Im just hoping my reults come back ok
LovelyLii replied to wellnessmom4's response:
I have read lots on HPV, Im want to know all about it. Thanks!! I hope things get better, because lately I havent been feeling like they will. Im gonna remain strong though. :)

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