Vaginal blisters- Unbearable when using the bathroom
JessLynne07 posted:
About 6 months ago I had a large red bump near my vaginal opening. I also had some strep symptoms- swollen neck glands, very swollen neck/back muscles. I went to the ER for my "strep" because it got so bad and went the OB the day after. The OB decided it was a staph infection and told me the antibiotics I got the night before would be fine. Back in January, the same thing happened while I was on a trip. I got antibiotics and it went away. I am again experiencing the same thing (with a few bumps though) and am waiting for test results. My doctor said it is uncharacteristic of staph, but also uncharacteristic of std's. I have anti-virals and antibiotics I am taking. It is my 2nd day- the bumps overall seem a bit better but are starting to open up and it is UNBERABLE when I go to the bathroom. I nearly threw up from the pain and it stung very bad for a bout 5 minutes after. Any suggestions on what I should do?
spunkiegirl71 responded:
are they like blisters. or do they look like cancer sores like you would get in your mouth? it could be herpes. i was diagnosed when i was 3 months pregnant. that was 15 years ago. the pain was unbearable when i urinated. i took mirror and saw these cancer sores. they prescribed valtrex cream because i was pregnant. try asking for a blood test for herpes. hopefully it is not, but be extra cautious if you are sexually active....good luck!