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Pain in lower back and stomach feels like period cramps
jhellmich529 posted:
OK so here's the deal. I stopped my birth control after being on it for a year, but got my period like normal on March 6th. It lasted the same amount of time like it always does. Well about 2 days ago I started getting cramping in my lower right back that feels like period cramps, but I just had it so that can't be it. Now starting today I still have pains in my back, but it's in my lower stomach too. Now it's been a while since I've been off birth control so I didn't know if that could be part of the reason for the cramping or it would be something else. If anyone else has had this problem, or know what might be causing it I would greatly appreciate some input. Thank you.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear jhellmich: So your period on March 6th was at least a month after finishing your last pill pack---hope I am tracking you correctly. IF this is correct then the timing of the back pain and cramps would be about cycle day 16. Mid-cycle pain can be from an ovulation where there was more fluid than usual in the follicle that released the egg. It could also be from an unruptured ovarian cyst.

Sometimes pain from the uterus can be referred to the lower back--as happens in" back labor" during childbirth. The kidney and ureter on the right side MIGHT be a source of such a pain as well.

If the pain persists longer than 72 hours (usual time for follicle cyst fluid to be reabsorbed by the body) you should see your GYN or local family planning clinic for follow up. They should be able to evaluate for urinary problems, ovarian cysts, pelvic infections--or even abdominal issues such as bowel conditions or appendicitis.

tocatchflies replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
I have a question for you...... ok im 23 never had any kids before ( sometimes I don't think I can because I've had sex numberous of time with my finance and no luck) but anyways I haven't had sex in a while now because we broke up. but lately ive being feeling as im starting to pms. but I just stopped my cycle last week? and I have tummy aches and back pains.....oh im also anemic....low iron......I don't drink much water.....I don't drink milk...and I don't eat healthy.....I weigh 106lbs and I am 5'0 ......can you please help thanks
georgiagail replied to tocatchflies's response:
Please help with what?


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