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depression help :(
chrissyzajac posted:
a little over a year ago I had a beautiful baby girl and after wards had postpardum depression that never went away so i was put on zoloft. i had to cold turkey the pills because i could not afford them. Since then I have moved away with my boyfriend and baby girl. Betwwen all the stress he gives me, having no family or friends here, and NEVER gong out together for family/holiday functions ive been very depressed lately. I know for a fact im more clinically depressed then back then. im gonna kinda vent at whats all bothering me :( . ive been to this new home (18 hours away from EVERYONE i know :( ) since december. almost 6 months and i have absolutely noone to hang out with or talk to. and the problem is I dont want to make friends (even tho i kinda do) and i dont trust anyone here. especially with my daughter. thats why im a stay at home mom and he works. his job requires him to be on call 24/7 and neer has days off. when he does get days off its either on his computer talking to friends or out and about with friends. he knows how i feel and how i want him to spend time with me like were actually a couple (cuz we are) and not just roommates. i dont want to get out of the house, i dont want to make friends, and id rather lay on the couch all day then take my baby for a walk (i dont want to do anything alone) . this all is DEFINATELY not like me. im normally never home and always willing to make new friends. i know i need help/pills but i cant afford them and have no insurance. (not to mention the bf thinks i dont need pills and thinks im just being stupid *normal girly issues*) is there a way i can get free depression pills? ive tried to fill out forms for govt medicade but problem is his job/boss wont give him an exact quote on pay/hours/ect... and has no paperwork to prove any of it for some reason.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear chrissyzajac: Gosh, you have all the responsibility and no control in your family life! That alone is enough to trigger depression. I absolutely concur, you need help and possibly temporary antidepressant medication. Yes, there are a variety of ways to get free medication, but you would need the help of a clinic, medical social worker, or other person familiar with the options.

Here is the contact information for two organizations which work specifically with moms like yourself. While both are on the west coast of the US, they should have some referrals for your state. Also, these phones are staffed by women who have been where you are now so they can empathize with your situation.

Postpartum Support International
Helpline: 1-800-944-4PPD (4773)
English & Español Business
Office Phone: 1-805-967-7636
P.O. Box 60931
Santa Barbara, CA 93160
Phone and email support, information, links, free phone chats, and worldwide resources.

Baby Blues Connection
866-616-3752 (toll free)
Portland, OR

Crissy, both you, and your daughter, can benefit from you getting treatment. There are many studies which show children do better when their mom's are no longer depressed. ..Do do hesitate to write us back to share how its going. We will be keeping you in our thoughts.

In Support,

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