Odd PMS symptoms
organizedone posted:
I have noticed for about 6 months now, that approximately 48 hours before my period begins I start getting really sick. I get headaches, severe nausea, stomach pains, low grade fever, and my allergies get really bad (sneezing, sinus pressure, itchy/watery eyes). At times my symptoms seem flu-like. I am very concerned since I have begun to miss work due to these symptoms, which seem to last 24-36 hours. None of these symptoms make any sense to me, and while I love my gynecologist, I am really embarrassed to come to her with this issue. Any light you can shed on this matter will be greatly appreciated!
Jessyairon1 responded:
I get the headaches really bad and stomach pains. I had a really cool Ast. Principal and I could tell her anything and I told her about it one day because nothing was helping me and she told me she goes through the same thing you do and that she has to go to the doctor for medicine to help her out I've done the same thing and you'll still have the same symptoms but not as bad.