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    under the knife?
    An_197852 posted:
    im in my late twenties i have 5 healthy full term pregnacies. the last delivery ended in an emergency c-section where the ob found a huge fibroid. after healing he suggested a hysterectomy in the future, as my period would become irregular and unbarable overtime. Well they are and now Im a year post partum and on thyroid medication which intensifies my cycle symptoms. Should I heavily consider surgery or precedures as my only option to end this craziness?
    fcl responded:
    Don't. Wait and see. Fibroids are benign tumours ... They have no effect on your thyroid. There is no way for a doc to know how your fibroid will affect you. Most of them cause no problems whatsoever. In the event of problems there are many, MANY solutions for fibroids before you reach the necessity of a hysterectomy. Sounds like you need a second opinion ... perhaps from a younger doc wih more info on the subject. I have fibroids. They caused me grief in my 30s but I followed a hormonal treatment that shrank them back and they have never regrown...

    Your fibroid may not ever cause you any problems at all. Why go for surgery if you have n oneed for it? Why go for surgery even if you have problems without exploring the milder treatments?

    Whatever happens, you don't go straight from the detection of a fibroid to a hysterectomy. Not ever.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome, Anon_179044!

    I agree with FCL that there are Many Options for Fibroid Treatment in addition to hysterectomy. This article describes several.

    Which one is right for you is a personal decision, but I know I would certainly want a doctor who could tell me about all of the options so I could make an informed choice.

    Keep us updated!

    Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. -Jennifer Unlimited-
    someonewhocares3 responded:
    I agree with FCL - fibroids don't require a hysterectomy although most gyns will push for that. Hysterectomy and some other procedures have long-term negative consequences. You can get a lot of information about fibroids (and other female issues) at . Scroll down mid-page and click on the condition and it will give you information on proper diagnostics and treatment options along with their risks and benefits. The physique and anatomical consequences of hysterectomy are explained in the 12 minute Female Anatomy DVD on the HERS website.

    It's important to know that in 2000 ACOG published a report stating that 76% of hysterectomies are inappropriately recommended. Dr. Oz stated that 83% are unnecessary and a bunch of women raised their hands when he asked who regretted having one.

    HERS is available for phone consultations if you want to pursue treatment but don't know how to proceed or can't find a doctor.

    I wish you the best. Please post back and let us know how you're doing.
    AndyCheryl replied to someonewhocares3's response:
    ok but what do i do grin and bare it? my periods are niagra falls heavy, im fatigued almost beyond function, and along with everything else that comes with it i dont get to take a week plus from my life every month though i really want to. i have four young kids. i not trying to belly ache but its really taking a toll. the idea of not going thru this ever again sounds so appealing. everything has consequences, good or bad.
    AndyCheryl replied to someonewhocares3's response:
    im sorry. i guess im just really frustrated. my dr is young enough to know the new sruff, but experienced enough to make a good call. he's not pushing anything he just said its the only way to take care of it for good. he doesnt want me to have go thru procedure after procedure, and other treatments with little effect. he's leaving it up to me, but sometimes i wish he would just say "You absolutely have to....." and then the choice would be made. i realize that my issue is common, and that many women take less intensive approaches, but im not sure that i want years of "dealing with it". i've heard that if only the affect part is taken with the ovaries left there is less tramatic after effects. two women i know personally said they would do it again.
    tlkittycat1968 replied to AndyCheryl's response:
    If you are done having kids and the bleeding is as heavy as you say, a hysterectomy might be the best choice for you. Yes, going through procedure after procedure and not getting any relief would be extremely frustrating.

    I, too, am looking at a possible hysterectomy sometime in the future. I had fibroids that caused heavy bleeding but the doctor was able to remove them and preserve my fertility as I still wanted kids. He did say they would probably come back at some point but that we'd worry about it then.

    Speaking of surgery, have you considered an abominal myomectomy (surgical removal of the fibroids)? I had that back in 2006 and it did wonders. Not only did it preserve my fertility but my periods went back to "normal" meaning I didn't have to worry about changing a super plus tampon every 90 minutes.
    AndyCheryl replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    dr suggested that, he also suggested a laser procedure that pretty much inialates the interior. four kids to some is alot, but to some its just getting started. the fertility issue is not a biggie. if we do want more kids, well there many out there that need a loving home.

    As tacky as it sounds money is really the biggest factor since our insurance has a limit to womens health. If i do have something minimal then it may not cover a hysterectomy if it doesnt work. Its stupid. And almost everything is considered elective unless its an emergency, but my dr would make sure I get what I need.

    So with a "one shot" mentality Im trying to figure out which would be the best. And Im not thinking of getting gutted next week, but another year is about all I can take. 'Course things can charge in a year.
    fcl replied to AndyCheryl's response:
    Ask for hormonal therapy while you're thinking it over ...
    AndyCheryl replied to fcl's response:
    gee thanks. well this is my week so im hormonal now, but see? Im crazy!
    lballiro responded:
    Hello I had very heavy periods and extreme fatigue - finally got complete blood tests and found out I was slightly hypothyroid, iron-deficiency anemia and fibroids that had grown from pea k to about the size of a grapefruit One doctor wanted to immediately put me on thyroid meds and another wanted to give me a hysterectomy. I did a lot of research and and chose neither option. I starting on iron supplements and systemic enzymes for the fibroids. Then found a high quality whole food thryroid supplement. The enzymes broke down the fibroids ( they are not gone but much smaller and causing no symptoms whatsoever. The thryroid supplement improved fatigue, stress and heavy periods as well. I'm no longer anemic, my thyroid is normal ( although I find if I stop the supplements for more than a few days, I feel it)., and I have normal periods. ( I didn't want to leave the house for about 3 days every months and felt like so weak during my period I slept most of the time.) I always listen to doctors, do my own reading and research and make my own choices. If I the enzymes and supplements didn't work, I would go back to doctors but I'd always try non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical solutions first. ( the first period after taking the systemic enzymes was much better but it took about 3 cycles for the periods to become really normal). Good luck.
    Mindful_50 replied to lballiro's response:
    What were the enzymes and supplements? I'm bleeding myself dangerously anemic every month, so my doc suggested a hysterectomy or myomectomy. I'm not on board of that because I'm almost 50 years old.
    Anon_6061 replied to Mindful_50's response:
    Yes, surgery with all its risks certainly seems overkill since you're probably close to menopause. And it doesn't sound like the fibroids are causing any problems besides heavy bleeding. So why not just treat that??

    I assume your doctor has you taking iron to restore your levels? Has he/she suggested any meds to reduce the bleeding? Even something as simple as OTC NSAID's (Aleve or Advil) taken regularly at the start of menstruation can reduce flow. Here's a list of meds (hormonal and non-hormonal) that are effective for heavy bleeding -

    Of course, there's probably no harm in trying the enzymes and then moving up to something like a birth control pill or Lysteda (tranexamic acid) if they don't work.
    nicoleluecka replied to lballiro's response:
    Hi. Have you looked into alternatives to hysterectomy? Magnetic Resonance focused ultrasound might be the right choice for you: the procedure is incisionless, requires no overnight hospital stay, and enables you to return to your daily routine within a few days. You can read more about it here
    COSkiGirl replied to lballiro's response:
    Can you give any more details on the enzymes?

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