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Bleeding during sex before period to start
Anon_235165 posted:
For the last 3 months I (and my husband) noticed I bleed during sex approx. 2-3 days before my period is to start. I feel bloated and "yucky" and will also see a little spotting but will not see "normal" bleeding until my scheduled period which lasts 4-5 days. We are trying to conceive and am not sure when to document when my period started. Thanks for any information.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Anon: There are two basic culprits that can cause bleeding after sex: problems with the cervix and things that create bleeding from the uterine lining. Bleeding coming from the cervix could come from a cervical lesion---if one has had a recent normal PAP smear this is unlikely. An infection of the cervix (eg from Chlamydia) can make the cervix more "friable" (easier to bleed). But given what you have shared (only occurs premenstrually) I don't think the spotting is from your cervix.

If the uterine lining ("endometrium") is easily destabilized, having sex can prompt spotting or breakthough bleeding. Some women will have this type of spotting if sex occurs during ovulation or right before menstrual flow is slated to begin--like what you have described. If a woman has a history of missed periods, her uterine lining may be very thickened. In that situation spotting can represent small amounts of the lining being shed---just off the top layer. My best GUESS, in your case, is that the premenstrual spotting MIGHT be from lower than expected progesterone levels in the last week of your period. A more extreme form of this is called "luteal phase insufficiency" or "inadequate luteal phase".

Normally I would just reassure you that spotting before menstruation is not uncommon. However you are trying to conceive which suggests two things:

1. You count the first day of your flow as the first day of real flow--not spotting with sex.

2. If you have not conceived after six months of trying you might want to see your GYN or clinic. Truthfully the majority of women conceive within 12 months, but if there is a question about your luteal phase (time from ovulation to flow) it would be better to check it out.

Best wishes on conceiving when you want.

adelec responded:
Hi there just wondering if u got any answers to this cos im in EXACTLY the same situation now???? would love some advice

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