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Can anemia cause irregular periods?
kaixi posted:
I've recently been diagnosed with anemia and am now taking iron supplements. I'm trying to find the cause of the anemia, and I know that heavy menstrual bleeding can lead to it, but can it sort of happen the other way around? Is it possible that the anemia is causing my irregular periods?

The thing is, my periods are very irregular, but not heavy, though they used to be extremely heavy in the past. My doctor doesn't think that I'm losing enough blood through menstruation for it to be causing the anemia, and that it's more likely from a bleeding ulcer or iron absorption problem.

I'd like to know if it's possible for my periods to even out through treating the anemia, or if I'll have to see a gynecologist as well.
Lulu01 responded:
First of all why wouldn't you schedule an appointment with your obgyn if your concern is related to your menstrual cycle? Of course you should see your ObGyn as well. If you're treating the anemia and it does not regulate your menses (which it probably wont) they will give you hormones to do that. I know because I am also anemic (iron deficiency) and experiencing irregular bleeding. Good luck to you.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
No, anemia does not cause irregular periods but heavy periods can cause anemia.

You could have an iron absorption problem. My SIL does and even high dose iron supplements during pregnancy didn't help.

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