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Gail could you reply if Jane can not?
nic14120 posted:
Could you please review my post from yesterday and possibly weigh in? I am thinking I may request a second dr to do a breast exam. I have not really done a self exam since last year, the first again in Oct after stopping breast feeding in July. So I am not 100% sure on what the norm is for my breasts, and the dr said it feels like tissue, so I am feeling like I should have a second dr feel the area in question, and do a sono if she recommends? I did read up on Thermaolgy, I may opt to pay the $200 for this if they push for an mamo, in lieu of one. What are your thoughts on these?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear nic: See my reply to your earlier posting. In terms of thermography, it is very controversial as to it's reliability as a screening tool for breast cancer. I would go with your GYN's recommendations.

Given that you have some excellent questions about breast cancer screening options check this link. It is targeted to healthcare providers, but I think you would find it useful.