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Enlarged uterus,uterine cysts, and pelvic pain/pressure...what could this mean?
Mel2day posted:
My name is Melissa and I am 30yrs old and have 2 little boys.I just had a pelvic ultrasound done due to pelvic pain and some abnormal bleeding I had three weeks ago. I got a copy of the report and it stated that my uterus was still enlarged at 13.4cm x 5.0cm x 7.0cm (I had a ultrasound in May for pelvic pain also), endometrial canal echoes measured 2mm in abdominally and 4mm transvag, my left ovary did not have any cysts but they could visualize my right ovary, and the new thing that has arised that was mentioned is that no uterine solid mass lesion is seen but there at least 6 uterine cysts measuring <8mm and the largest is 7mm that was seen and was adjacent to the endometrium. I have never had this problem before, I do have PCOS and so I am excited that this time I do not have cysts in my left ovary but wonder why they couldn't see my right ovary? There were no issues seeing it 6mths ago.

I am just worried that because new things have taken place in 6mths time, I have only had 1 actual period on my own this year so far, which was back in July and have not had one since. I am trying a new gyno to see if he can help me with my PCOS but now I am concerned that I may have something even more pressing going on. Any ideas?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear mel2day: The easiest question first, OK? It is common for one of the ovaries to not be able to be visualized--even if they move the vaginal probe all around. The ovary-Fallopian tube complex is not set in cement so it can move somewhat such that it is temporarily obscured by another structure.

Your uterine size is on the large end of the spectrum. This can arise from multiple full term births or the presence of fibroids within the walls of the uterus (most common reason). It sounds like "uterine cysts" were actually cysts, rather than fibroids (which are solid). True cysts of the uterine wall are less common--you really need to clarify this with your GYN. They are all less than a half inch in size and are apparently right under the lining of the uterus. ("endometrium").

Bottom line, for the most "for sure" answer, ask your excellent questions of your GYN. They can also consult with the radiologist if indicated.

someonewhocares3 responded:
Regarding PCOS, I came across this website which may be helpful. I thought it was especially interesting that it says that women with PCOS are usually vitamin D deficient and supplementing can normalize menstrual cycles.

Hope you get some answers on your PCOS and your more pressing issues. Based on Jane's response, it sounds like it's probably nothing alarming. Hope that's the case! Post back and let us know.

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