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Pain & Cramps one week after Endometrial Biopsy
Hol123 posted:
Hi Jane,

I had my endometrial biopsy last Tues. I decsribed it in my last post. Short but horribly painful. The bleeding slowed down quickly to spotting everyday. Today not much but seems to pick up with alot of activity esp bending over. Had same pattern after last c section. Bled for 8 weeks, picking up with lifting or bending. Still in alot of pain, cramps, very uncomfortable, hard to sleep. Also in alot of endo pain with that rigt ovary still painful. No fever. Going to bathroom ALOT. Is this normal?

Thanks Jane!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hol123, I know you directed this post to Jane, but she doesn't necessarily see every post. Even if she did, it might be several days before she replies, and I would not wait if you have concerns.

Instead, I would encourage you to communicate with the doctor who did the biopsy and find out what his/her expecations are for a normal recovery. Then, if anything seems out of line, your doctor will be able to help sort things out for you.

Hope you feel better soon!

Please update us when you have the chance,

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Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Hol: Byroney directed me to your post, but I do concur with her advice about checking with the GYN who performed your biopsy.

In my clinical, as well as personal, experience the cramping and pain should subside rapidly after the procedure is over (thank heavens). So prolonged cramping is not the expected outcome. Even after an accidental perforation of the uterus there is not usually significant pain.

When you mentioned going to the bathroom alot, it is unclear if your are having frequent urination or stools. The biopsy itself should not prompt either of these. But if you have a sensitive gut, the stress of the pain and procedure can trigger more frequent stools.

Spotting afterward can be common (and worse with exercise or sex), but usually after a week it should be decreasing. Yet if one has been having problems with spotting before the biopsy, the current bleeding may be a continuation of that.

Gosh, I hope your GYN can sort out the reasons for your symptoms. I'm always sorry that someone has to go through the pain of a biopsy without getting an appreciable benefit.

In Support,
Hol123 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Thanks Byroney and Jane!

I called yesterday and they told me that my biopsy and paps smear came back NORMAL. So that's good news but that leaves us with hormones as the assumed cause of the bleeding even though I've never missed a period.

The cramping has slowed. Still feel tender in my uterus esp when I bend over or lift the baby. They told me to just take it easy---not so easy with three little ones. But I'm taking my 800 mg of motrin when I need it. It was urinary frequency and it seems to be slowing a bit. I was just in so much pain from the biopsy and then my endo is acting up along with my right overy. She said there's a small endometrioma there they saw on ultrasound.

So my period was due yesterday and hasn't come yet. When it does, i'm going on the pill to shut things down for awhile. I can't take the pain. Need a break.

Only thing I'm unclear on is will I be taking the pill with or without letting my period come? They didn't say....

Thanks for the support. Does feel like a lot of pain for no answer but I guess no answer is good in this case.

Hol123 replied to Hol123's response:
Hi Jane! Its been four months since the endometrial biopsy came back negative. I took bc pills for two months back to back with no period in between on purpose so i cud get a break from all that bleeding.

The first couple periods after that started with almost a week of light bleeding followed by a week of regular period. Then last month I had an ovarian cyst on my left ovary rupture. Painful but ive had them rupture before. Now i should be having at period but ive had almost two weeks of light period/spotting. And i feel like the cyst on my right ovary is rupturing. ive had weird mix of period cramps, endo pain, and now cyst pain all week.

Last ultrasound showed a small endometrioma i think on right ovary. whats the diff between an ivarian cyst and an endometrioma?
Hol123 replied to Hol123's response:
cont.. what can i do? Never had cysts back to back like this. how does my endometriosis play into this? just got ovr too much bleeding now light bleeding. i hate being on the pill. i know other women hv worse but on top of my cfs im a bit annoyed to be dealing with new complications after three c sections

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