Period Every Two Weeks
An_241963 posted:
Since I was 12, I have had periods that came regularly, but they were always very heavy and my cramps were so bad that I would pass out. I am turning 20, and starting January 2011, my period started coming every two weeks. It is still like this, and it is now December 2011. So I will soon be getting my 23rd period this year. I really do not know if this is even normal for some women, and if it is normal, I don't want to end up being incapable of having a child, when I'm older due to the decrease of eggs. Why does my period come every 2 weeks regularly now, and what should I do?
georgiagail responded:
This is something you need to discuss with your gynecologist. It certainly isn't normal to have a menstrual period every two weeks.