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Severe cramping pain after erotic dreams &!
CrampyMcCrampster posted:
About 2 weeks up until my period starts, I will wake in the middle of the night, (or morning) after a sexual dream, which causes me to orgasm, instantly I get menstural like cramps, which build in severity over the next 20 minutes or so......during this time I usually have about 3 bowel movements, spaced about 5 minutes apart each. Sometimes when this happens, I dont know if I am going into shock or what, but I start hyperventilating. Usually the pain lasts no longer than 30 minutes....but when its happening its so painful I can hardly stand it, and nothing makes me comfortable. Anyone know what this is? I think Dr's think I am nuts as they always dismiss it by saying its commom for cramps to happen after orgasm. But these cramps are so much more severe than any other cramps I have had. Help please ! This has been going on for about 15 years, and dont know how much more of this I can take. This happens several times a month. Sometimes I hate going to sleep afraid this will happen. Its cruel.

(39 years old, never had kids, never been on birth control. I think I have endo, and pretty sure I have IBS.)
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear CrampMcCrampster: As you have correctly stated, many women will have strong uterine, and even anal, contractions during orgasm. In some women this contributes to the perceived intensity/pleasure; for other it can induce an intolerable pain. Yet usually bowel stimulation is not a part of uterine contractions from orgasm. Moreover you mention that these cramps are worse than other uterine cramps (eg menstrual cramps?).

Your surmise about probably having IBS may offer some clue. Bowel spasms can be very severe---such that people end up in an ambulance to the ER because they cannot be comfortable in any position. Giving a medication which can relax bowel spasm can help sort out what is pelvic pain vs bowel pain. Here is a good overview of IBS, including treatments:

It is hard to know why orgasm during sleep (with probable pelvic muscle and uterine contractions) would trigger rapid, multiple stools, or initiate bowel spasms. If orgasm included release of prostaglandins THAT could explain the cramps and increased bowel activity.Multiple literature searches at the National Library of Medicine site did not yield any good answers.

If you have already raised this issue with your GYN to no avail, perhaps you might want to consult with a gastro-enterologist.

sarahxpettit responded:
This same exact thing has been happening to me for about a year now and im only 17, almost 18. My doctors can't figure it out and i also think they think im a little crazy. My pain is so intense that i throw up from it. If you find out what it is can you please let me know because it happened to me 2 times last week and i can't stand it. If you find out anything, please please please let me know. Thank you so much
sqeak45 replied to sarahxpettit's response:
I was surfing the web trying to find information on this same thing. It happened to me last night, though it has happened in the past. Always in the second half of my cycle, and always after a sexual dream. Once the cramping starts, I can't stop it. Last night I thought I was going to die. I managed to swallow 4 Advil but it took about an hour for the pain to subside. I was sweating, my heart was racing, and I felt nauseous. It felt like a really bad menstrual cramp that was followed by a bowl movement. It's crazy. I too am afraid to fall asleep tonight because I'm afraid it will happen again. How my husband slept through all of this is beyond me.
Kelsiedduvall replied to sqeak45's response:
Chances are you have endometriosis and fibroids. The cramps from this usually last 20-30 mins. They are severe. I have had it for years and I try to just lay down breathe in and out and hope they go away soon. Advil does not help. You can go to your GYN and request am ultrasound to confirm cysts. You can also schedule a surgery to remove them. But that doesn't mean they won't come back. A low dose of hormones can also help with the cramps.
little1ru replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Although this question wasn't posted by me, I too have the same trouble. Just wanted to say thank you for your time and research on this one. It was very kind and sweet of you.
Endofibropelvicmyalgia responded:
I see you posted this two years ago but assuming that you still,suffer with this, and if you don't any more let us know what you did to make it go away. I too have suffered with this for about 6 yrs. it got worse as I was in treatment for fertility procedures and taking a lot of hormones. I thought at first it was cysts bursting, or my worse thought was that I had gotten pregnant and about a week in, my insides attacked the embryo. (10 years of fertility treatments and no luck) I understand that because I have severe endometriosis I have an access of prostolglanis which causes the cramps, but why it happens after a sex dream is still such a mystery, or why you even get sex dreams really? My friends think I'm lucky when I start to tell them my story but then I say, NO NOT lucky! It's horrible, I have what I believe labour cramps would feel like for 20-30 minutes and then poof, pain gone. I have gotten better at dealing with the pain by breathing through and doing a mix of curling up and then stretching out my legs with deep breaths. I am posting here because more people need to know they are not alone! And the more we tell our dr's the more they might listen.
fate691 responded:
I was diagnosed with endometriosis six years ago. No treatment has given me much relief but I continue to take birth control which keeps me from having cycles and pain. But occasionally I will experience cramping and intense cramping at night after having a sexual dream. As soon as the intense cramping starts I grab my electric heating pad and press it on my abdomen. My heating pad has been a life saver and I recommend it for anyone with endo. After lying still for several minutes with my heating pad the cramping goes away.
dante43 responded:
I've been searching the web for a long while too It hasn't been going on for as long, and the pain is shorter and less intense, but it is definitely a recurring problem all of a sudden and it happens maybe 4-5 times a month consistently and wakes me up.

I'm 19, on depo injection birth control, with a single 4-year partner that I see infrequently. we don't use protection but I'm surer than anything that he and I are clear of ST-anythings.

I'm just as confused as everyone here as I know I have sexual dreams and orgasm because of them, and then follow these cramps, painful enough to wake me up. I have to breathe through them and they're usually gone within a few minutes, but my abdomin still feels tender afterward. This is any time I sleep, whatever time of day, (it just happened to me whilst taking an hour nap at 4pm) never whilst actually having sex or anything else whilst awake.

I figured it was just muscles contracting and cramping due to a lack of excercise and bloodflow beforehand? Since I regularly attend a gym and know the importance of warming up and stretching in order to exercise effectively. After reading this though I'd like to be aware of any updates just incase.
aralced replied to dante43's response:
I have suffered this very problem for 25 years. I haven't seen a doctor but have worked out a way that seems to cut it short. I go straight to the toilet and push as if having a bowel motion or actually force the motion until it eases up. So far it has always worked.

I do feel that awful sense of dread when I wake up and realise that is coming on.
amberlee03 replied to dante43's response:
I also am on the Depo injection and suffer from the same problem. The depo injection lowers the estrogen hormone level, this is what stops the period and stops you from falling pregnant ect. After several tests from my gynaecologist, he figured that the problem was that the Depo injection had depressed my estrogen level extremely extremely low, way to much then needed. Having my estrogen level been so low, this was what was causing the excruciating period pain after these certain times. My gynaecologist prescribed me with a pill that I had to take whilst still on the depo, to hopefully bring my estrogen up to a standard level. And after a month of taking one tablet every day, finally I am starting to see some results and I have not suffered from this for about 3 weeks, when usually i would have had it about twice a week. I recommend going to your doctor and asking for a blood test to check your estrogen level, and for the tablet to help boost it. It works-83D-C4D
lilypetal responded:
I also have this. I was diagnosed with IBS a couple years ago. I have diverticulitis as well. My attacks have been going on for 2 years. I have been on the birth control pill for 19 years approximately.
As soon as I have a sexual dream which cause vaginal contractions In my sleep, I wake up in a panic. The pain is soooo severe. I will sweat, find it hard to breathe. I usually go to the washroom (if I can get there). Passing gas and pushing to make myself have a bowel movement does help. The heating pad or hot water bottle also helps. Its standing up to do all this that is the problem.
I researched that it was trapped gas or a diverticulitis attack. Either way, it's extremely annoying to say the least. The first time it happened, I thought I was having a miscarriage. I've never had children but it felt like I was in labour.
The weird part is that when I'm actually having sex and about to orgasam in real life, it never happens (THANK GOODNESS). Only in dreams.
When the pain goes away, it leaves as quickly as it comes.
I'm glad I was able to find your posts about this. How is everyone doing? Any new developments?
sinnyseve6 replied to lilypetal's response:
Hello All, I know exactly how this feels! Just this morning, awoke the same way,- orgasming followed by severe pain. For me, just before a period begins, which adds extra sadness right now, because I've been trying for a baby (for over a year). I've come on here really to suggest, and strongly recommend going to your GP and getting a prescription for Mefenamic Acid. They go direct to ovary pain and nothing is as good in my, sadly, long experience. I should add, they ought not to be taken when trying to conceive, and, I only take one just as my period is about to start as I'm very regular and that's when the pain is most severe.
sinnyseve6 replied to lilypetal's response:
Plus! Same as you lilypetal: no pain during or after sex ever. And, both me and my boyf have had every single test available re fertility issues, and passed with flying colours, so, no reason to think two issues are related in my case.
missayye responded:
I get painful orgasms when I sleep and wake up, but they only last a minute. And I do not have problems with having to make any bowels movements. I've been struggling with this for two years now. I found out in July that I had endometriosis after I had a laparoscopy. The pains stopped, till last night, 4 months later. I'm really bummed. I also would get sharp pains throughout the day. I haven't had that problem yet. I might try to see what my level of estrogen is since that helped someone. I thought I finally found the reason for it, now to start the process of finding what's going on again I'm only 21.

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