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Nose Bleeding with Menstrual Cycle
claypearl posted:
I have started to get nose bleeds when I'm on my menstrual cycle. If I sneeze any time during my period my nose bleeds and it won't stop for at least 5 mins of holding my head back wth tissue plugging it. Is there something wrong with me that I should get checked out.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear claypearl (cool screen name!): MULTIPLE literature searches at the National Library of Medicine failed to yield any good studies on nosebleeds during menstruation. There is a small amount written about a genetic disorder where nosebleeds may have a diurnal appearance (more in AM than PM), but nothing about menses.

There is an enzyme produced by the lining of the uterus designed to keep menstrual blood from clotting. This allows the menstrual fluid to more readily pass out of the tiny cervical canal and into the vagina. When a woman is bleeding very heavily during her period the amount of flow surpasses the amount of enzyme--thus leading to passage of large clots. However, the action of this enzyme is localized to the inside of the uterus so it should not have anything to do with inability of nose blood to clot.

Bottom line, this is one for an ENT MD rather than a GYN. An ear,nose & throat MD can hopefully give you the most "for sure" answer to the nose bleeds.

Christen26 responded:
I am not rendering a professional or expert opinion, but I have this very problem. I asked my GYN some years back but she said there is no correlation. I find this hard to believe, because at 52, I am still getting a menstrual cycle, HORRID pms, and like clockwork, every month, I have very increased amounts of blood in my nose. For me, it seems like a massive overload of fluid in my entire body, due to water retention. I did google this issue just now,and it seems there are multiple links; hence others clearly have this same problem. Glad you posted!
nervousinnewjersey replied to Christen26's response:
I agree with you Christen26. I def think there is a connection because this is happening to me as well! Now, 2 facts about me, I have been getting nose bleeds since I was a kid [my DAD gets them to and others on his side of the family> and I also suffer with HORRIBLE PAIN each and every month of my ENEMY [menstral cycle> ever since the first time I got it. there never used to be a connection, however, during this past year, I will get a nosebleed right before my enemy begins within an hour! it's very strange. I would love to know why this is happening.
gussy88 replied to nervousinnewjersey's response:
I agree as well. I too get nose bleeds with my cycle. As I turned 40 and in the few years since my cramps have increased from nothing to severe, and flow is significantly heavier. I am 43 now and these symptoms have been going on for 3-4 years. I think the cramps and flow intensity is due to age but I have never heard anything about the nosebleeds. I would also like to know the cause. I was unable to get pregnant, don't know if this is a coincidence or some sort of related issue.
missmal responded:
I'm only 19 and just today I was sitting in my class at school and I got a bloody nose. Sure enough by the time I got home I had gotten my period. Now this has happened to me other times but today i googled it and found this post. At least I know I'm not alone. And like another lady said I also had nose bleeds all the time as a child. I just wish i knew what was causing it and if there was some way to stop it or at least try to control it.
fiyah replied to missmal's response:
Time to do a study on this because I get nosebleeds too during my cycle. There was something online, see below link:
diamonds4eva46 responded:
I have been doing research and I found out about something called vicarious menstruation which is typically in the left nostril, happens during the first day or your period and usually occurs when your cycle is abnormal ( all are true regarding me and my nosebleeds as well). Hope this helped and gave you a starting point for some understanding.