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colposcopy + strange discharge...
hopelesslycurious posted:
:confused: I recently had an abnormal pap test and as a result needed a colposcopy with biopsy and an endocervical curettage (ECC). The doctor and nurse told me I could expect to see a brown discharge for a few days because they used Monsel's (a brown paste to stop bleeding) and possible some bleeding for a few days as well. It has only been three days and I have been keeping a close eye on things. I am following doctors instructions (do not put ANYTHING in vagina for 2 weeks) so no sex, tampons or anything, I have seen the brown discharge and am not worried about that but, no bleeding. Instead of bleeding I have seen some rather large bits of tissue (vaginal tissue is my best guess)come out. None on the day of the exam, one small bit the day after and two larger bits the next day (today). I don't know if this is normal. If it is, what is this tissue my vagina is extracting? I can't seem to find any imformation on this sort of discharge... I did read somewhere that vaginal discharge is partly exfoliated lining of the vagina, could this be some sort of scabbing or something from my biopsy? Honestly I have seen some tissue in my normal discharge in the past but never as large or dark as this. Usually it is very tiny and pink. This was very large (3-4 in) and brownish like it had blood in it or something... Also, my Gyno thinks I may have HPV. She thinks this is what triggered the abnormal pap test and low grade leisions on my cervix. I will find out for sure when I get my results in 4 weeks on 9/11/08. Is seeing vaginal (???) tissue in my discharge normal? Especially after a colposcopy?
kelevi responded:
i also just had a colposcopy recently. my discharge reminded me of the layer of skin on top of burnt or boiled milk. the color varied at times. she also said the solution goes in looking like mustard and comes out looking like dr. said that is normal and usually 4 days and as long as a week for the discharge. if you think it's bad you should call you dr. and just leave a message.
utcork responded:
Hi, I had a colposcopy 3 days ago and have the exact same large brownish tissue that came out. Did you ever find out what it was?? It's too late hear to call a doctor and I'm a little worried.... any information you could give me would be great. thanks.
jollee739 responded:
Did you figure out what it was? I just had a colpo and had the same tissue discharge as you. Should I be worried? Thanks
An_198002 replied to jollee739's response:
I just called my GYN because this tissue-like stuff came out of me last night and is still coming out this morning. I literally almost drove myself to the hospital I was so freaked out. It came out looking sort of like a blob of skin with coffee grinds and blood inside. I thought I had a miscarriage. Apparantly this "skin" is Monsels solution that they put inside your vagina to stop the bleeding after a biopsy. Sometimes this solution can collect the blood and 2-3 days after the procedure will come out in sacks. She said it's completely disgusting but not to be alarmed and that it should stop after 3-4 days. The only cause for alarm would be if there is very heavy bleeding, other than it's gross, but I'll live! She also said not to actually pull it out because it will come out on it's own. It's ok to sort of wipe it after going to the bathroom, but we shouldn't actually reach anything up there to get it out.

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