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    Still no!?
    jk5493 posted:
    I guess this is an 'update' from a previous post...

    I was put on provera because I have not had my period since February of 2011. Before that, I had my period for 10 months with only 2 seemingly more 'regular periods in between the long one and the absence of one at all. Lem'me just say that I am just about 19 years old, pretty healthy and not sexually active. I do have PCOS so that always throws a curveball. Anyhow, the last few months I have had some really bad cramping, lower back pain, and cramps that radiate to my upper thighs. Jane (as well as the FNP on campus) actually said that it's probably my uterus. No big suprise there. Well, I was on 10mg of provera for 10 days... I've been off of it now for just about a week and nothing but still lots of cramping. There has been a noticeable change the last month or two in my CM - it's more like water now all of the time instead of varying like 'usual.' The last maybe 5 months I've noticed times where I suddenly get flushed from my mid-chest up (like, SUPER hot), I've been having issues sleeping (getting hot mid-way through the night or just tossing and turning). I did have some suspected issues with osteopaenia (sorry if I spelled it wrong) due to severe Vit. D deficiency - I broke my heel while standing to talk to a friend, pivoted and boom: broken.

    I called my doctor back home and I have not yet heard back from them - but the nurses I spoke with from my PCPs office were concerned and expressed concern on my doctors part. The FNP at my university has been worried that I've been in as much pain as I have and not had my period yet. Generally speaking, I guess the PCOS could explain this...but, the Provera should have brought on my period, right? What else could be explaining this? I went to see an OBGYN overe here towards school per the request of the FNP but, I'm self pay. He refused to examine me because I am young and shouldn't have much issues - also because he didn't want to run up the bill. Obviously if I went in, I was mentally prepared to take on the bill. So, no help there - not even answers to my questions. What would be the next step?

    Family history is slightly complicated, but not too much. Women: history of breast and I believe some uterine cancer, as well as brain cancers. My mom has had cervical cancer and severe endometriosis. That's about it.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

    jk5493 responded:
    I will also add that my energy level has quickly depleted. During the day, I can get by with doing just what I need to with going to classes and such. But, eating, I haven't much desire for and doing anything outside of the 'norm' is definitely not even considerable. I'm purely exhausted by 6pm.

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