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Peed during oral sex... So upset with myself.
An_242979 posted:
I don't understand why it happened, but while he went down on me, I was about to come, and I did come but I also urinated. It wasn't a lot, just a little-- enough to surprise him and freak me out... (it wasnt the ultimate spasm thing the second time it happened-- just a bit ago.)
Someone please point me in the direction of other people it has happened to. There was a lot of action on my clitoris which is obviously close to the urethra, but I don't know how all of that works. I'm 18, have had sex with my boyfriend plenty of times lately. Not my first rodeo.

This has happened twice. It makes me feel unsexy and lonely... Sorry for the sob story but it's so scary to me.What's wrong with me/ my body?

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jk5493 responded:
Suprisingly, it probably wasn't urine. There is this phenomenon of women ejaculating, or 'squirting,' just as a man would. I'm not exactly sure why it all happens, but I do know that it happens to tons of women. So, don't freak yourself out over it. Yes, it's a bit odd...but, it's not totally uncommon. From what I've ever read about it during my internships and such, in the women it happens to, when you relax just before that ah-hah moment...that's when it happens. Maybe not extremely helpful...but, I thought I would just throw in the idea that it's not weird; weird in the sense that it's never happened before.

If you did urinate, well... maybe it's just because you were EXTREMELY relaxed. And hey, if that's the happens.

Good luck on your quest to find the answer.
CharityHeath responded:
Chances are you probably had the whole female ejaculation thing going on. All I can say is congratulations on that because a lot of women want to have that happen and they can't. That being said, the way you tell is this...female ejaculate has a sweet smell/taste and is normally clear. Urine has a bitter smell/taste and can range in color. It is REALLY difficult for a woman to pee when sexually aroused. It can happen though and when it does, the best thing to do is tell your partner you're sorry if it bothers them and then you try to move on from the incident. Don't feel bad about it and just keep on going. Hope this makes you feel a little bit better.
Anon_21189 responded:
If it makes you feel better the first time I had FE we were in the 69 position and I jumped up! I thought I peed on his face!! Gosh talk about freaky. I was 33 y/o when it happened, so I had had a LOT of sex and that was the first time that had happened to me.

Now that I know what's going on I love it and how it feels.

When it happened I also came here and posted about it!! You'll be fine.

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