Urgent and worried?!
DominicanBarbie08 posted:
Hey, Im 21 and i have a big question..i had sex with my boyfriend unprotected in December like a week before xmas...we recently had sex again last week but protected then i bled the day after but i am constantly having pregnancy syptoms even b4 bleeding im having nausea every morning and night i cant hold my bladder i also am always sleepy... Do u think i could be expecting is that even possible PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
jk5493 responded:
It is certainly possible... especially if you had unprotected sex around Christmas time.

So, I would take a pregnancy test if I were you...or, get in to se your doctor. They can do a pregnancy test there and do further evaluating if necessary.
Good luck!
DominicanBarbie08 replied to jk5493's response:
Thank you very much and will do!!