I have tummy problems! Advice/Thoughts?
Lizzy502 posted:
For the past few months food has got more and more unappealing to me. I can hardly eat one meal a day without it tasting gross and me wanting to vomit it. Somedays, I just go without eating because I don't feel hungry nor do I even want to look at food. But then at night I get these horrible pains, like I am hungry..it also feels like if I do eat - it'll come right back up. Should I make myself eat when it hurts? What'd help it? Why is food so unappealing? I use to LOVE food.
jk5493 responded:
I go through phases like this. Mine usually last a few weeks and then I usually go back to 'normal.' Try simple things like toast and such. Maybe apples. Cheerios; Think of little finger foods they give to infants when introducing solids - they are light on the tummy. Just try and find a few things that you can at least snack lightly on throughout the day to give yourself a good deal of nutrients. Also, make sure you are staying well hydrated and taking a vitamin supplement (I've found that taking it just before bed - if I take it any other time, I throw up until it's outta my body - not pleasant). Have you tried smoothies? You can pack a bunch of fruit and yogurt in there. Maybe some plain hummus and pita? Protein. Lastly, if it starts to worry you or you see a drastic change in your weight...call your doctor. Maybe he/she can suggest something to help. I've not investigated it myself so I can only offer suggestions as to what has helped me.