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Is this possible?
jk5493 posted:
Hi Jane,

I've noticed a lot of changes in the last year since my last normal period. I don't know if you recall... but, my last visit from my period was Feb. 2011. My doctor put me on provera back in January and 8 days after stopping, I had some spotting (for 3 days).

Back in November, she checked my hormone levels and my thryoid I guess and said my levels were normal. But, what I want to know, is it possible to have levels within normal but levels that aren't normal for one's body? I mean, I've never lost this much hair in my life, and my vagina feels so much more different. It's not as... well, it's just not the same. There aren't as many folds, etc. as there were before. The health center on campus told me I have chronic fatigue... but, I'm wondering if this could all be related to my hormones.

I'm just about 19. I have PCOS. I was diagnosed with it as a r/out from Cushings (my cortisol levels were elevated, everything else, androgens included were normal). I'm not insulin resistant. I'm on Metformin (500mg 2x/day

Anymore questions? Just ask...


I go to my doctor back home in 3 weeks during spring break. Is there anything specific I should ask?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Jade: Normal levels for lab tests are set by combining the results from many healthy individuals. A norm is determined then the upper/lower ends are statistically derived. What this means is that someone can be somewhat out of the normal range and that can be normal for them. Once someone's labs are twice the normal, then concern arises. Thus, it is less likely to have a normal lab and have that be abnormal for the person.

For hair loss in women there can be many causes. Here is a link to a blog on causes of hair loss in women:

Jade, since you are going to see your own MD (as opposed to college health service), you might want to review your hair loss and minimal response to the Provera challenge test. These seem to be some of the most pressing issues.


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