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bloating - from BCP?
annony01 posted:
Started on Yaz 5 days ago, and due to irregularity just started without waiting on my period.

Although its only 5 days in, i've noticed that i have no side effects besides feeling really fat and bloated. I've never had problems with weight, only fluctuating slightly. I sometimes feel 'fat' prior to a period but this time I feel like a sumo even though i probably dont look any different! I feel my hands, face, legs and belly all feel huge!!

I weighed myself and theres no weight gain whatsoever

Is this a side effect of Yaz?!
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear annony: You mention feeling fat, but without a change in weight and appearance (eg swollen ankles). Neither feeling fat nor actual water weight gain is a common side effect of Yaz. In fact, the type of synthetic progesterone ("drospirenone") in Yaz is related to a well known diuretic ("spironolactone"). Thus Yaz or Yasmin can actually have a mild diuretic/water loss effect.

You can certain contact the GYN or clinic that prescribed your Yaz if the symptoms persist or worsen. If the feeling of fatness is troublesome they might switch you to another type of pill, but as mentioned above Yaz tends to have the least weight gain.