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Pelvic Inflammatory?
jk5493 posted:
I've had a fever since Friday night. I've been going to the health center at my college campus this week and they don't know what's wrong. I have had lots of issues with my period and long story short, they have sent in tons of blood tests, urine cultures and have done numerous pelvic exams in the last few days. Their questions have stemmed around my period, ovaries and uterus (haven't had a period in 12 months except for 3 days of spotting after a week of being off of Provera). I feel generally sick and have lower back pain as well as pelvic pain (especially after the pelvic ex. today) and have a fever ranging from 99.5 to 102 at its highest. I'm exhausted but restless at night. I wake up freezing, or extremely hot and clammy. No cough, no sore throat, no GI issues. I'm not sexually active - haven't had any sexual contact since 2009. Is it possible that I have PID? If so, will that come up on my blood tests that I will be getting the results on tomorrow? Or, my urine culture? I'm so nervous and worried mostly because they are so concerned.

Any opinions appreciated

jk5493 responded:
Discharge is also an issue. When she did the pelvic today, she said "You have a lot, and I mean a lot, of discharge. Yes, a lot." She said that a few times. So, I'm thinking that it was an abnormal amount and even consistency.

I'm just nervous. Nervous that it'll be something bad. Nervous that it'll be nothing at all - something unexplainable. Just nervous. Is PID even a possibility? If not, what might be under consideration?
tlkittycat1968 replied to jk5493's response:
PID is usually caused by an STD and if you haven't been sexually active since 2009, an STD isn't a possibility. You can get vaginal infections out of the blue without sexual activity.
jk5493 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I am aware that it's caused (usually) by STDs, as is the health center. However, after my pelvic, I began bleeding some and still am today - the pain is worse. I went back in and they said that I most likely do have it due to some type of bacteria that just decided to travel up and multiply. Ive been getting a fever on and off for 2 months now, so it's probably just manifested. So, they started me on anti-biotics and tomorrow I will go for a 3rd type of antibiotic (a shot this time) while we wait for my urine culture to come in.

Anyhow, thanks for your response.

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