raw feeling skin?
bondgirl85 posted:
Curious to know if others have experienced something similar? Last August was diagnosed with a UTI, took a round of antibiotics and a month later, got first ever yeast infection (yeast seen under microscope). After trying two Diflucan pills, my symptoms did not disappear so I was prescribed the cream inserts. After several rounds (equalling a month's time) I did not feel better and had the same raw skin symptoms as when I started. It's been five months now and I've seen two other gynecologists and still have no answers. The skin around my vagina and rectum feels raw most days, I have no abnormal discharge, and the yeast infection cultures have all come back negative. Could I be having a prolonged reaction to the yeast infection medications, still have a skin infection, have a hormonal or pH balance issue? I'm so confused and sick of feeling raw "down there" every day. Any advice would be appreciated!!!