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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst
fsk69 posted:
Can anyone please tell me how long the pain from a ruptured ovarian cyst can last? Have had 2 Ultrasounds - definately a ruptured ovarian cyst. 3mm - no complications like twisting or bleeding. Am on my 10th day of pain. Sometimes gets a little better, then a bit worse again. My Docs (2 of them) say it requires nothing further. Does it just take time to heal? If so can I have some idea of how long? Thanks for any answers.....
fsk69 responded:
Meant to type 3 centimeter on the ruptured cyst size....sorry.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear fsk: A normal ovary is about 2 x 3 cm (almond sized). A follicular ovarian cyst, if the egg is not ejected and the amount of fluid continues to increase, can reach sizes of up to 10 cm. Fortunately most follicular cysts are smaller and will resolve within one to three months by gradual involution--or occasionally cyst rupture. When a follicular ovarian cyst ruptures it spills the cyst fluid against the wall of the abdomen (producing sudden onset severe pain), and down into the floor of the pelvis. Typically the pain will be the worst in the initial 72 hours then gradually improve as the fluid is reabsorbed by the body.

Normally after ovulation a corpus luteum of less than 3 cm resolves within two weeks. This type of cyst will be maintained, if conception occurs, to produce hormones needed in early pregnancy. If excessive amounts of fluid collect, a corpus luteum cyst can also get large enough to cause pain—or very rarely, ovarian torsion. Occasionally, this type of cyst will have a small blood vessel which continues to bleed into a corpus luteum cyst. This is called a "hemorrhagic ovarian cyst". A cyst of this type can either leak small amounts of blood, or it can rupture, spilling blood into the abdomen. This hemorrhagic ovarian cyst can be linked to prolonged pain, and merits closer follow up.

In my clinical experience, hemorrhagic cysts tend to trigger prolonged pain. Yet this type of cyst an be identified on ultrasound so I would assume you have not been diagnosed with a rupture of the hemorrhagic type.With a 3 cm cyst (not-hemorrhagic type) I would hope that you would be seeing a gradual reduction in the pain by 10-14 days out. If severe pain persists you should contact your GYN for follow up.

fsk69 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Thanks so much for your reply. I think I just need to be patient. I think it will take a little longer than 14 days for it to completely resolve since I am already on day 12 or 13 - but I will seek further care if it continues much more than that. Thanks again.
undefined replied to fsk69's response:
Hi fsk69. I am in the same boat as you now. Ruptured 3cm hemograhic cyst over 2 weeks ago and had ultrasound, fluid in abdominal area gone but I still get pain if I sit up for more than 10 minutes. Its like I am pinching my ovary. Maybe it is still trying to heal? How long til you had no more pain. My gyno says I shouldnt have any more pain. Well guess what, I do.
How long did it end up taking you? Thanks in advance for your help with this!!!!
msschalk replied to 35194628's response:
I've had two massive right size ovarian cyst ruptures in the last 6 months. I still hurt everyday. Some days the pain isn't unbearable... some days it makes me grab my side and go down. The gyno seems to think my being taken off birth control will make it easier. Seems like it is getting worse. I sincerely hope you get the pain to subside. As well as myself.

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