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    Feces in Vagina
    An_244183 posted:
    Hello! This is a bit of an embarrassing topic, but I have become overwhelmed with worry. I need some answers.

    About a month ago I found bits of dark stuff coming out of my vagina. I thought that maybe my period was coming and that my uterus was just tearing itself apart in a very strange manner or something, so I dismissed it. But after a week or so, my period still wasn't coming, but the strange dark blobs were still finding its way out down there.

    I do get very irregular periods, but so does every other female in my family. There has been no other medical issues that have come out of that particular condition in my family. My last period was in either December or January, I can't recall.

    To my shock, the dark stuff smelled like feces. Over the past month I have been going through the 5 stages of shock (well, not really). I immediately went into denial. It seemed so strange. Was this scientifically possible? If it was, will I be one of those freaks that 'Medical Mysteries' will do an hour long special on? I didn't want to be known for such a fantastically gross condition such as mine.

    Likewise, I really didn't want to consult anyone about it. It just seemed way too embarrassing, not to mention gross.

    I changed my diet a little, and tried to eat healthier and drink more water. It seemed like the gross poo goo went away for good, until about a week ago. It started to make a reappearance again. It was the same old smallish blobs of feces that would show up on the toilet paper. But, today was drastically different.

    I had a little tiny dose of diarrhea around noon, not too horrific at all. What really worried me was when I went to wipe my vagina, and I found that what was coming out of my vagina was very similar looking to the watery feces that was coming out on the other end. Not just similar, it was pretty much the same thing. And...I decided that I should finally come out and ask for help today.

    I went on various health sites that have diagnosed feces in the vagina as a condition called 'fistula.' But it seems as if all the causes of this come from sexual intercourse or childbirth.

    I am only 19 years old. I have never had sex (I have never done anything even close to it), so that particular diagnosis doesn't seem plausible. Unless it can be caused another way?

    It doesn't burn when I pee or anything either. No itchiness or whatnot.

    Please help, I would love an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your time!
    georgiagail responded:
    As embarrassing as this is, you need to get this looked into medically.

    Childbirth and intercourse are not the only reasons for a rectal fistula. Bowel diseases such as Crohn's and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (the latter a fairly common medical issue) can also cause tears from the bowel into the vagina with the leakage that you describe.

    The attached article will provide more information:


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