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Uterine Lining -- What is "normal" thickness for a menstruating woman?
An_244477 posted:
I'm 48, still menstruating, and had a pelvic/vaginal ultrasound done recently because of a persistent bloating problem in my lower abdomen. The test was done on day 10 of my cycle (which occur every 25-28 days). My periods have shortened, lasting only about 3-4 days (usually one light day, 2 heavy days, and one light day).

My GP called and said that she wants me to redo the test because there was "some thickness in the lining of my uterus." She said they like to see 5-10 mm in thickness, and mine measured 11 mm.

However, everything I'm reading online says I'm within the "normal" range. Is this true? Thanks so much for any good information!!
IrwinsLady responded:
good luck with your test. hope everything turns out okay.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear An: As you have correctly induced, thickness of the uterine lining varies over a menstrual month. For example, on cycle day 4 (usually at then end of menstruation) it might be 4mm or less, at ovulation say 6 mm, and during the premenstrual days maybe up to 13 mm. It sounds like your ultrasound was done cycle day 10 (somewhat before ovulation) so perhaps 11 mm was considered thickened for that part of your cycle. And remember that different places can have slightly different normal ranges.

Granted, 1 mm over the normal range doesn't sound that abnormal. Yet if they want to repeat the scan at an earlier part of your cycle I would suggest that you do so. As an aside, there are other things which can prompt the lining to be thicker: polyps of the lining of the uterus or a focal area of thickening containing abnormal cells.

If you are uninsured and do not really have the funds to repeat the ultrasound you might ask your GP to do a brief phone consult with their referral GYN. ALL medical providers have occasion to call somome with more specialty expertise on the phone and ask questions on behalf of patients.

An_244477 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Thanks so much, Jane. Fortunately, I do have good insurance so I will be repeating the test (I also have an appointment scheduled with a gyn in a few weeks also. This is a new gyn as my prior one is no longer practicing.).

Question for you: It is best to try and repeat the test on my (next) cycle day 10, since that's when I had it done before? My GP asked me to get it done again on Day 7 to 14. Or, is it best to choose an earlier day in my cycle, e.g. day 7 to 9?

My GP said there was nothing else that showed up as abnormal on the ultrasound, so I guess that's promising.

Thanks again so much for any information!!!

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