Flank pain with UTI
nic14120 posted:
I posted recently regarding my UTI that you helped me with, Jane. Thank you. I am on day 6 of Bactrum, (discontinued the Cipro after speaking with my dr regarding some joint sensativity), anyway, my primary did look at my urinalysis, and based on the ecoli, prescribed this med for 2x a day, for 7 days. Prior to being positive for the UTI, I only had symptoms of a strong odor urine, and left flank pain. Flank discomfort has been about 3 weeks now (I thought it was a pulled muscle). I have one more pill for today, and my two doses tomorrow, is it common for the flank pain to still be present, this long intot he antibiotics, and should I be concerned if it does not resolve by a certain timeframe?
I did call my primary today, as I am going out of town on a trip tomorrow, until Monday. The Dr said it is hard to say what is going on, and suggested I be seen. I unfortunitly could not get in today before I leave in the am. I am scared with stopping the meds tomorrow, and something being wrong/and happening. The flank discomfort I feel is only on my left side, and it is only when I bend over, when that part of my back is being stretched out. It has not grown in pain over this time, it's more a dull ache really. Any information would be great for possible reassurance as I head out of town. Thank you!!