UTI culture on your period
nic14120 posted:
I ended bacturm for a UTI on Thursday. Went to see a new primary today due to exp left flank pain still. They took a urine sample (only a little bit came out), while I am on my period (no tampon), so there was a bit of blood in the small sample. He said there was signs of WBC in it, and I asked if my period could offset that result, he said typically no. He wanted to give me a antibiotic shot right away, and I was hesitatnt to go that route. I am not exp any other symptoms and asked if it could be a stone. I asked if the stone could cause these results, he said typically, no. He did send the small sample out for culture as he said it could get a false/postivie. Can a culture be done while blood from my period is present? I don't want to jump on meds again if for some reason it could be off. I have never heard of this shot, is this effective and tolerated well by many?