nipple problem
An_244854 posted:
am a 55 yr old woman. when i was in my early 30's I was talked into getting both of my nipples pierced. This year in January I decided to stop wearing the jewelry. Everything was ok and about 2 weeks ago I was having some pain in my nipples and now every couple of days they seem to be discharging a white/yellowish substance which has an odor. Do I need to see a doctor or is this something which will clear up? could it be a form of cancer?
nic14120 responded:
I am in no way in the medical field, but I can speak from personal experience. I had pierced my belly button many years ago, and the way that I knew it was infected was by what you are explaining. Mine too had a discharge, and and very foul odor. I removed the jewlery (in which you already did)...and cleaned it often with alcohol. I would maybe try that first and see if it resolves. If not, I would seek out medical attention to rule everything out. Good luck!!