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    Menstrual cycle won't quit...plz help!!!
    ms_heather217 posted:
    I've been on my period for well over 2 months this time....I've had ongoing issues since 2007!!! Back then, I had insurance, but I feel like now since I lost my job & ins., no doctor will take me seriously & help me. In 2007, I had a hysterectomy; not b/c I was pregnant (never been pregnant, have 0 kids), but b/c dr thot that would clean things out & fix me. It worked temp., so he put me on birth control. The birth control gave me a blood clot, so I had an 8 day hospital stay. While in the hosp., they insisted I had internal bleeding & ran numerous tests, I told them the problem, but they couldn't believe me & checked anyway. I ended up getting 2 liters of blood. Now, I can't take estrogen pills. The dr tried giving me non-estrogen birth control, but that didn't work either. I most recently got the depo shot, which stopped the bleeding for about a week, but now it's back full force. So, the dr now says take 800 mg ibuprofin every 8 hours for 3 days, stop for 2 days, then repeat if needed. Well, this hasn't worked either. I also have an L shaped ovarian cyst on my left ovary which is not cancerous; had biopsy. I think I need a hysterectomy, but feel since I have no $ & no insurance, drs just refuse that option. I'm 35 years old & should have a healthy sex life, but I can't b/c the bleeding won't stop; it's frustrating & even causes me just to cry on occasion for no reason. Plz, someone help!!! What else can I do?!?!
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Your post is a bit confusing. You said "In 2007, I had a hysterectomy..." but then later on you say "I think I need a hysterectomy..."

    Which is it?
    someonewhocares3 responded:
    Did you mean to say you had a D&C? Here's some info about the necessary diagnostics and treatment options for heavy and irregular bleeding - Heavy bleeding

    Hopefully, you can get a diagnosis and treated without resorting to removal of any organs.

    I had a hysterectomy (with ovary removal). The changes to my figure resulting from the loss of pelvic integrity are just as distressing to me as the hormonal havoc.

    Hope you get relief soon!

    ms_heather217 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    O wow, my 2007, I had a d&c. & I thinkI need a hysterectomy now to stop the bleeding.
    woodinvillemom responded:
    Did you find any resolution? My sister is experiencing almost exact situation...also no insurance & challenges getting a solid solution.
    fcl replied to woodinvillemom's response:
    What kind of tests have they run on your sister and what kind of solutions have been suggested?
    An_254423 replied to fcl's response:
    When I had continuous bleeding, I had a uterine fibroid removed and that solved the problem. Could you get help at Cooper Green??

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