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Post Hysterectomy Left Hip Pain
sueban posted:
I am 34 years old, 5'5" and 167lbs. I had a hysterectomy in July 2009 after a failed ablation of March 2009. During the ablation my surgeon also did a laporoscopy and found abdominal endometriosis and removed my damaged left ovary. I had no hip pain after this procedure. During my hysterectomy my remaining ovary was left alone and my cervix and uterus were removed. A biopsy showed I had adenomyosis in my uterus which explained the failed ablation.

While in the hospital after my hysterectomy I was given an injection of phenegren in my hip. I have not had a day with out pain since this hospital stay. I believed that the pain was related to the injection, but all probable causes related to the injection have been ruled out. I have had MRI, EMG, Nerve Conduction Study, Bone Scan, X-Rays, all with negative results. For treatment I have tried massage therapy, pool therapy, cortisone injections, Gabapentin, inactivity, cycling and more all with no success.

The pain is a constant 3 on a scale of 1-10, 1 being no pain. It is focused near the outer point of my hip and radiates in towards my pelvis and butt. It is agravated by physical activity and prolonged sitting and the pain get to be an 8 easily. There have been many times the pain is so bad I can not walk. When the pain is like that, if I try to lay down the pain screams and I have to stand or lay there and cry. It is not relieved by heat or ice, aspirin, tylenol, baclofen (muscle relaxer). Ibuprophen helps, but does not completely relieve the pain. Vicadin does make me not care about the pain and scares the pants off me. I refuse to become dependant on a narcotic.

My doctors have given up on helping me find a cure for my pain because they can not find a cause for it. I need help. I can't work or live a normal, active life for an otherwise healthy woman my age. If you have ever cried because you can't make it up the stairs to tuck your kids in at night, then you know where I am coming from.
someonewhocares3 responded:
So sorry you're dealing with this! I also had hip pain after a hysterectomy. Mine wasn't as severe as yours but it was aggravated by sitting or laying on it for long periods of time. I'm 6 years post-op and it's improved a lot but I still have occasional hip (and back) pain but I think it's more from the skeletal changes. This is actually fairly common. Do a web search for "hip pain hysterectomy."

Hope you get some answers and relief soon! Please post back and let us know if you find something that helps.
dddutch responded:
I , too, am 2 1/2 yrs post total davinci hysterectomy and living with constant left hip pain -- excruciating most of the time and just one day it will stop for only one day. I live on advil, have tried everything and x-ray shows nothing -- it makes one so tired fighting the pain every day with every step. Is there anyone with the answer to this -- all dr.'s think i am crazy which is a classic problem for women dealing with any type of
Anon_6061 replied to dddutch's response:
There are a number of discussions about this on the Hystersisters website. I developed bursitis in my hip after my hysterectomy.
ogreenleaf responded:
I would really like to know if you have found any solution as to why what the pain is? One says skeletal? then exercise should correct it and or balance but that does not seem to work for her.
I have a friend who has narrowed her pain down to coming from the robotic hysterectomy and is as all of you describe .
Any input would be so much appreciated.
Anon_6061 replied to ogreenleaf's response:
You didn't go into details about the symptoms your friend is experiencing or how long it's been since her surgery. Hysterectomy can cause nerve damage, adhesions, shifting of bladder and bowels. Nerve damage can cause pain to radiate to the butt and down the leg(s). Adhesions can cause pain and even bowel obstructions. Repositioning of bowels can cause constipation which can be uncomfortable. If the patient has endometriosis, pain can be an indication that endometriosis has returned or spread. Hysterectomy isn't a cure for endo.

The loss of pelvic support from the severing of pelvic ligaments leads to back and hip pain. Exercise may help but there's really no fix for this.

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