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Breast question
nic14120 posted:
Hello:) I was curious if this is a normal part of a female anatomy. Yesterday I was feeling around the flat part of my chest, roughly 2 inches above the start of the top of the breast. I felt bone, and it feels like a tiny ridge, bump kinda of feeling. I was feeling it all day, so today it feels very sore. I can feel something domewhat the same on the right, i felt it easier on the left, so it feels more pronounced. It definitely feels on the bone there. Not sure if it could be a muscle, but it's not technically on the breast itself, its the flat skin above it, about 2 inch above. Is it possible to have a lump develop in this area, and be related to breast cancer? When i do a breast exam I dont usually feel this area, just the whole breast tissue, and into my arm pits. I am dort of worried, but finding comfort in that they feel simewhat the same on both sides.
georgiagail responded:
It sounds like you are feeling are your ribs.

nic14120 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you, Gail. It definitely feels to be the ribs. But on the ribs itself, it feels like a little tiny bump. It is hard, and it felt more pronounced on the left from the right. I was feeling the area a lot the other day, so the both sides are still very sore today. It is possible to develop cancerous lumps in this part of the body?
sislove93 replied to nic14120's response:
Every bone in the body has ridges and bumps that are characteristic to the bone. If you are particularly skinny in that part of the body you may just be feeling the ridges/bumps more so than someone who has more fat to cushion the bone. Ribs in particular have ridges on them where the rib muscles connect. It is a normal part of anatomy that everyone has. If you still feel uncomfortable with how the bumps feel please visit your doctor and have them examine you. I'm sure it's nothing because it would also be very rare, if it was breast cancer, that the lumps form on both sides and in the same spot.

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