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Itchy Clitioris
Miss_Tara posted:
My clitoris has been itching very badly lately. So i thought i may have a yeast infection (which i have never had before) however when i googled yeast infections they say that the vagina itches also. Which mine does not, my clitoris just itches extremly bad.. there has been a few white mucus spots under the hood of my clitoris, but my vagina has had no discharge or itch or anything. I bought a vagisil screening kit and now iam unsure if i should put the ph swab into my vagina like it says to or if i should put it onto my clitoris. I have to wait 2 days untill monday to see my doctor and i want to use the screening kit now to see if i can get some relief untill i can see my doctor.. please help
mel29_ responded:
have had this problem also i was accually googling this to find out what is wrong with me so if you find out please let me know so we both could fix it thanks- mel
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP replied to mel29_'s response:
Dear mel & Miss_Tara: There can be a number of causes for clitoral itching or tenderness. Let's briefly discuss each:

1. Infections such as herpes, yeast, or even a localized infection from skin bacteria. The itching from herpes on the clitoris is often accompanied by burning, and within 48 hours a super bad pain. At that point there may even be a small, very tender open ulcer/sore. If you suspect herpes (eg new lover) see a GYN ASAP so anti-viral medications can be prescribed.

It is true that yeast on the vulva tends to be accompanied by yeast in the vagina as well. Tara, since you have the symptoms near the clitoris, use the swab there. This is one of the problems with over the counter test kits--they don't cover for unusual presentations of yeast.

2. Dermatology problems which can appear in the genital area such as lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, psoriasis, or a contact dermatitis from detergent/bath products/genital cosmetics. Many of these skin conditions can be very itchy and are frequently misdiagnosed as yeast. Again this is where a GYN exam can be very helpful.

3. Nerve issue where the surrounding nerves (and the clitoris has lots of nerve tissue) begin to fire inappropriately leading to a sensation of pain. Sometimes this problem can be initiated by an irritant such as herpes, yeast, or trauma to the site (eg bike seat).

Bottom line, persisting clitoral symptoms really need to be checked out by a GYN or your local county family planning clinic. They will likely ask you about sexual practices (eg vibrator/sex toys or even receiving oral sex which has been linked to increased risk for genital yeast). Do not hesitate to be honest in your answers, it can make it easier to track down the the actual culprit for for itching.

strawberrys replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Hi I have a very itchy clitoris too and it feels more like it's inside , under the skin kind of deal. Been dying to find out why or the cause of it. I got std tests done and everything came bac k negative. Except for hsv1. Any feedback would be appreciated
lizzierose responded:
I have a persistent itch under the hood of my clitoris. I have brought it up to several gynocologists and they have all said there is nothing wrong. Ultimately, what seems to relieve the itch is to carefully pull back the hood and rinse in the shower and then I use a q-tip to apply olive oil under the hood. This helps a lot. For what it is worth
rappunzle replied to lizzierose's response:
Polysporin! Instant relief, moist and anti bacterial. Just tried it tonight. We'll see in the morning. Hope that helps.
celly554 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
I'm 14 & a virgin so STD's can be marked out but the clitorial area is really itchy & it looks somewhat like a pimple of some sort that feels sore or throbby,
pls help and let me know what I could do.
cuteblackcat replied to celly554's response:

If b/f has a cold sore(herpes) and has oral sex with you = Herpes. Do not ignore STD symptomes cause they can cause infertility.If it was just itchyness, i would suggest canestan(check age requirement) for yeast infection. Which can be caused by many thing,stress,tight clothing,hormone change,certain contraceptive/steroids,period,lack sleep,change diet, Antibiotics(kills good/bad bacteria,which is why they suggest you eat yogurt while on antibiotics)
You should see a doctor , they just might take a swab and give you result...Do NOT take Douche, it can cause infertility/ more prome to have certain type of cancer, etc
Mal0n3y replied to cuteblackcat's response:
Wow.. Ur mostly wrong in all that you've written here. I'm shocked someone could know so little. Ladies.. Don't listen to this write up.

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