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Cluster of bumps in hairline of vagina
greenhornmandy posted:
I hope somebody can help me with this since I haven't had any luck getting anywhere...

They usually come up in small clusters of 3s.. and come just before my period. The bumps don't hurt unless I touch them, they don't burn either. It's like a bit of a stinging feeling.
I had a set on the lip of my vagina, in the hair. It actually left in about a day or two. On the 3rd day I got another set of 3, in which I actually ended up popping and putting ointmwent on it. Now it's an open wound. No pus or blood came out of them.

The wound I have now is open, a little smaller than the size of a dime. It is right along the top of my vagina in the hairline.

No bumps or wounds have occurred on any parts inside of my vagina, clitrois or any of the pink parts. Just the hairline. It doesn't burn to pee and I haven't had any abnormal discharge. I wante dto get a std test to make sure but the health dep turned me down because i had insurance and my next appt with my doctor is the 3rd of july.

I'm not sure what this is. If anyone could help me that be great. Does this sound like it could be an STD?

Thanks in advance.

BTW I have looked up Planned parenthood for a test but it's an hour away and I have no car and no one to look after my child while I'm there.
rhondamay responded:
Here is a link that tells about STD symptoms:

I would also check out genital herpes at this link:

A STD test is the only sure way to know.

Good luck,

rose_nunn responded:
I am a licensed esthetician and as I'm reading this I'm wondering if it's a form of cystic acne.... A lot of times women will break out right before, during and after our cycles (all depending on your body's hormones that month)
Without seeing anything I couldn't tell you for sure, but I just wonder if it is some form of acne that is being brought on by your cycle. Do not take my word for it, as I am not a medical professional. DO go have it checked out, but ask the Dr. if that is what it could be.

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