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Jane help Clitoris is bleeding
smjpain posted:
Hi Jane I just wrote you a message but I went up to use the restroom and noticed a little blood when I wiped down there and my clitoris was very sore so I got the mirior out to see exactly wear the blood was coming from and the hood of my clitoris was bleeding a little well early my boyfriend was rubbing that area with his fingers pretty hard and I did tell him to stop and he did because it hurt but there was no blood then. Anyways should I call my GYN and have him check things out it is already really sore down there and I am just concerned that he might of did something wrong I did look it up and it said to get it checked out ASAP. It really burns also could I have a UTI still even if my test from thursday were all negative. What do you recomend I am using an ice pack right now.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: If your partner was fingering you "pretty hard" and your tissues are already friable (easy to bleed), irritation/pain and even some spotting could certainly ensue. If you were my patient I would suggest no further irritation to the area, and cool soaks to the area.

In terms of the UTI symptoms, there are other causes for such symptoms--once an overt infection is ruled out. Here is a link to my blog about some of those other medical conditions:

An_256807 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
I had what seemed to be an allergic reaction to lube during sex, and experienced immediate swelling and itching. I immediately washed off the lube with warm water and patted dry. 3 days later the itching has subsided everywhere except my clitoris, which now when wiped has a bloody residue. its definitely bleeding in a very small amount. Is this something I could wait out avoiding sexual contact etc and any irritating substances or should i see a doctor?
georgiagail replied to An_256807's response:
Unless there is significant pain (which might indicate an infection in this area) time and avoiding sexual contact will allow healing. It might take a while since this is an area that is warm and moist and covered most of the time.