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Jane news from Iowa City
smjpain posted:
Hi Jane well I am back from Iowa City saw the Number one Vulver Disease specialist in the U.S Dr.Merida Miller, anyways first we talked about what was going on for almost 30min. then she did a very painful thourough exam please excuse the spelling anyways first the external exam she said I was very red and swolen which I new because my other GYN anyways then she took some swab samples of the discharge then looked with the speculum. then the internal part she pushed dowm on my stomach around the area were the growth on the inner part of my vaginal cuff I almost kicked her it hurt so bad she wants me to have My GYN in mason check that out because she did feel it and also in my GYN's surgery notes it says he left the growth for now but might have to remover later the only thing is I don't have the pelvic pain it is only when doiing the exam I am scared I hope I don't have to go through surgery again but I think it is getting bigger. Well anyways she is going to have me see a pelvic therapyst because the muscles are tight and painful she also put me on nystatin and also use vegatable oil everytime after going to the bathroom and have my GYN check everything out on thursday, I will also probably be taken off the Lyrica later and once some ot the swelling has gone down have another biopsy she also said if I have positve vaginal cultures she is going to put me on a strong antibiotic for the infections for awhile. I see her again in two months unless the swelling doesn't go down with the ointment. I also do therapy once a month or more in IC also but it is going to be weired she told me that the lady will be touching me there and working with the pelvic area I am kind of nervous about that plus also no sex or any touching for awhile. She also probably will send me to an infectious disease specialist there.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: No pelvic pain except during the pelvic exam--that sounds like the first bit of good news in a long time! It also sounds like she has diagnosed some kind of yeast (ie the nystatin) and vaginismus/tight pelvic floor muscles (ie the pelvic physical therapist).

It may seem strange to go to a physical therapist (PT) for vaginal pain, but the PTs are specially trained to do this. These PTs are VERY skilled and very patient in working with women. They are also used to treat urinary problems (eg incontinence). They have a special understanding of the nerves and muscles which control the genitals. So give this a chance; it might work out better than what you expect. I suspect your usual GYN would agree.

Please let us know how you respond to all the new treatments, and how your culture results turn out. I'm particularly interested in the vegetable oil to keep skin moisture in and provide a protective barrier. I've never prescribed that.


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