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    How do YOU deal with Menstrual Cramps?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Just about all of us get menstrual cramps , some of us all the time, some of us just now and then or when we first began our periods. How do you deal with them?

    Share your tips and you may give others some ideas on how to handle theirs.
    An_247822 responded:
    What i do is I walk a lot. And it seems to calm the cramping down.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to An_247822's response:
    I find regular exercises helps me too, An_247822.

    How about others here? What helps you?
    JenL1981 responded:
    What I usually do, when I get this issue, is I try walking and moving about as much as I can. However, this doesn't always work for me.

    So, what I do, is I take a half dose of Ibuprofen and then take a nice warm shower. Not hot, but just warm enough to try to loosen the muscles in the effected area. I have a removable shower head to help with getting the spray in a concentrated area. After about five minutes of that, I then take a walk again. Usually this really helps.

    Helps even more when I do sit for a bit and my cat sits on my lap. His soothing presence helps me get my mind off the matter as well.
    nreedkinder responded:
    Hi Caprice,
    I'm Nicki, 34 yr old single mom. I deal with cramps using a heating pad. I keep one at my bedside at all times.
    clatterbuck1 responded:
    I have fibroids and I was taking way too much Motrin each month trying to control my menstrual pain. I discovered the following natural ways to help manage the excruciating pain I used to suffer. I still take some Motrin, but not nearly as much as I used to. First thing in the morning the first day I start feeling pain, I start taking tumeric supplements. I also drink green tea all morning. Both tumeric and green tea have anti inflammatory qualities. I usually drink coffee in the morning, but I found that that seems to cause my cramps to be worse. I snack on pistachios during the day. There was some study that showed that these nuts help with menstrual pain. In the evening I drink pommegranate juice. It kind of makes me sleepy and takes away the pain. I have shared these fixes with family members and they have have different degrees of success though they all agree that the tumeric really does help the most of all. I hope this can help someone else.
    pamsarris responded:
    Mine are weird because the uterus is not located in my legs. But for the most part, I get severe pains in the fronts of my thighs. Sometimes walking helps; but most of the time I end up taking ibuprofen and using a ThermaCare pad.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to JenL1981's response:
    Hi JenL,

    Walking or exercising helps me too. And thank goodness for warm showers for all kinds of muscle pain!
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to nreedkinder's response:
    Heating pads really can help, I agree Nicki.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to clatterbuck1's response:
    What a lot of great tips, Clatterbuck! Thank you for sharing them here.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to pamsarris's response:
    Hi Pam,

    You're not the first person I've heard of who experiences pain in her thighs when on her period.
    amillermom replied to clatterbuck1's response:
    What is the dose of tumeric supplement that you take?

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