2 periods in one month..
Kmkeelin posted:
I am not on bc and haven't been since March of this year. Periods have been normal until last month. Last month it came a week late and then it lasted 4 days longer than normal. This month my period was right on time and normal. Then I started bleeding again 2 weeks later. This time it is super super heavy. Like having to change pads every hour and if I didn't, I would bleed thru... On day 4 of bleeding. Still super heavy to the point where when I insert a tampon, blood comes oozing out all over my hand... What could be the cause of this and should I see my doctor? Oh I am sexually active and do not use protection with my fiance..
Thank you!
georgiagail responded:
This second episode of bleeding is likely not due to a menstrua period but rather some other medical issue that has nothing to do with menstruation.

Since you continue to bleed so heavily it is important that you get this checked out now.