confused about my birth control pills and my period
jannleww posted:
hi, im taking birth control and i messed up last months pills, so i restarted them and 2 weeks into the pills i got my period for about 6 days and then i was told i would get it again at the end of my pills. i have recently had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke and it is now the end of my pills and im 3 days late, should i be worried?
fcl responded:
Sounds like your body is still setlling down after being messed up Sometimes it can take a couple of months. The chances are pretty slim that you have anything to worry about but take a pregnancy test if that will set your mind at rest. Remember that the pill is a highly efficient form of birth control and is designed to be used alone so if the condom broke it wouldn't really make much difference other than for STDs.