Implanon and St Johns Wart
An_248014 posted:
Lately i have been SUPER freaking cranky ive been on the implanon for only 4 months ago, i was told bya family member to use St Johns Wart for the really bad mood swings{as i had used before when i was younger} but now I am reading that it will effect the implanon. However I have only found "he said she said" articles, no precent or studies that have been conducted concerning these two drugs. is this just a myth or is it true? and how much of the SJW is enough to effect the birthcontrol?
fcl responded:
Yes, it's true. No amount can be considered "safe" for oral contraception.

"This is from the above link:

"Women taking oral contraceptive pills should be counseled to expect breakthrough bleeding and should consider adding a barrier method of contraception when consuming St Johns wort."

And if you want a more complete study, here's one:

I'd like to suggest you discuss taking St John's Wort with your doctor before starting. "Natural" does not necessarily mean "safe" and it has a number of side effects. Yuor doctor may be able to prescribe something more appropriate for your mood swings.
bamamomma89 replied to fcl's response:
is IMPLANON considered a oral contraception as it is implanted in my arm rather than a pill i take daily?
georgiagail replied to bamamomma89's response:
The concern is cytochrome P-450 isozyme (CYP3A4) as outlined in the attached:

and the concern from the implanon site regarding potential drug interactions: