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    Includes Expert Content
    Jane NEws from Vaginal Physical therapy
    smjpain posted:
    Hi Jane I am back from Vaginal Therapy lets just say I have a really awesome women of course especially dealing with that area. She first started with some stuff with my pants on and also examined my abdomen which was very painful in the lower pelvic area. Then she had me take my bottoms off and it was down to buisness a very painful 20 minutes I even peed on her she says that's normal. She wants me to do vaginal massaging in the painful areas every day for 3-5 min. but it should only cause discomfort not pain. She calls it small circles then she gave me two very small dilaters to use also every day or every other day try to go in as far as possible but don't cause pain start with the smallest one first and move up. No sex and also right now I have to do the therapy on my own until my boyfriend comes with me to an apt. I then have use caution for I should not be bleeding or have severe pain if so I have to call her right away. She said I might have to have vaginal surgery because my opening is very tight and almost locked closed and my pelvic muscles are so week. I then have to ice outter and inner as often as possible and lower ab area also. So I will be seeing her once or twice a month till Jan. if no improvement surgery Or injections. I have been having severe pelvic pain since friday but all my STD cultures were negative so my GYN in town might have to do surgery again. Oh also have urine leakage which is also another thing to work on.
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear smjpain: OMGosh, that is the best description of how a pelvic floor specialist works that I have ever read. These specially trained physical therapists (PTs) have an amazing approach to pelvic and vaginal pain that adds a whole new dimension to effective treatment. Her treatment plan sounds excellent; please try to follow her instructions exactly--and see if you can get your boyfriend to come to an appointment as soon as possible so he can be included.

    A side benefit of strengthening your vaginal/pelvic floor muscles is an improvement in urinary leakage symptoms. It can also really improve orgasms by the end of treatment.

    So glad that the STD cultures are normal.

    smjpain replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Hi Jane so a few days of PT and severe pain so I had to call my PT yesturday she said stop for awhile and ice all painful areas and call back in the morning if still no better so I had to call her back on the 28th and she said to schedule an apt. with her right away the only thing is she can't see me until the 10th but she doesn't want me to do any pt. until I see her and to use ice and Baking soda baths and to monitor the spotting and discharge which also started again. Plus she said call back on monday and she might be able to get me in sooner.Also on the 28th I saw my regular GYN well he isn't sure what to do yet so he is talking with my GYN vulva specialist but until they decide what to do I am stuck taking pain meds which I didn't really want to do. He thinks he might have to do some procedure but not sure yet.I just want the pain to go away Jane I can't take this stuff anymore and I know he is trying but why does the extrem pelvic pain keep coming back. He said something about posibly seeing a Urogyncologyst not sure.

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