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labia tearing..
Tfalke posted:
:frown: i'm not sure if i've narrowed this down to the right vaginal name.. but i'm pretty sure that i have a tear between my labia majus and my labia minus. the skin between the hot dog and the bun to put it in more simple terms. this is the second time this has happened to me. is it normal for the skin to be frail there and tear? the first time it happened i was just cleaning down there normally and i seperated the two sides apart and it just tore like tissue paper. this last time it happened today during sex. my partner missed going in and hit it roughly and it tore. it leave a tear around an inch long and close to the "hot dog" has anyone else experienced this or know what to do about it? should i go to my GYN or not worry about it? Any help is much appreciated.
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear Tfalke: You have the terms very close to correct (labia majora & minora). Although a fragile area, It is not common for labial skin to "tear like tissue paper." Some POSSIBLE causes for this to occur might be: 1. Lichen sclerosus--This is purported to be an autoimmune disorder which causes the skin on the vulva (especially the area between the vagina and anus, or "perineum") to get like parchment. It becomes thin, dry and fragile. Usually LS also itches. It is treated with prescription steroid creams. While once thought to be common only in elderly women, it can be found in adolescents and even children. 2. Vulvar yeast infection--This can cause small red "lines" in skin folds. These lines can be tender and even bleed if friction is present. It is treated with antifungal medications. 3. Low estrogen--If you are breast feeding or even using hormonal forms of birth control (eg DepoProvera), you may have lowered systemic estrogen levels. This can manifest in the thinning and drying of vaginal tissues. In some cases the vaginal opening may seem tighter; lubrication is reduced. 4. Genital Herpes--This would be the most remote cause, but some herpes outbreaks can look like splits in the skin. Yet the pain is usually marked and is preceded by burning/itching at the site. Bottom line, I would urge you to see your GYN or clinic when the symptom is present. If it is frequent enough you could just go in for a consult visit. You need an accurate diagnosis in order to get the right treatment. Yours, Jane
tsunami33 replied to J_Harrison_Hohner's response:
Hello JHarrison - my wife and I have been married for over 10 years. In the past we had frequent and great sex with no issues of size, tightness or tearing issues.

Over the past few years when we have intercourse, the skin between the vaginal opening and the perineum (I believe this area is properly termed, "fourchette") often tear and causes her some discomfort. She has been on birth control for some time, so low estrogen may be an issue. She has discussed with here GYN, with limited guidance. We have attempted to use generous amounts of lube, with little help.

Are there any exercises or other suggestions you may offer that may limit the tearing or allow this area to relax or stretch naturally and not tear?

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