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    Includes Expert Content
    A REAL pain in the @$$!
    Flangela posted:
    Hello ladies. I ran across this site and read all of your experiences. Please allow me to share mine with you. Since I had my most recent cycle about 3 weeks ago, I had these excruciating cramps that made my behind hurt. In both areas, it felt like intense pressure. My cycle lasts 5 days. Afterwards, and 3 weeks later, I am still having pain in my rectum along with cramps in the lower part of my stomach. I went to the er a week later where I had a CT scan done and the diagnosis was in turn, ovarian cyst pressing against my rectum however, when I followed up with my gyn, they determined that it was not an ovarian cyst but could possibly be fibroids. She could tell that there was something there from my CD, but it wasn't really clear because it was not done with contrast. Therefore, they scheduled another ultrasound for me, a whole month later. In the meantime, it hurts me to sit, climb stairs, and now even walk without adjusting my gait or the way I sit. Nothing or nowhere is comfortable. It huts to sneeze or cough because of the painful pressure. Although I cannot say that it hurts to have a BM or pass gas. Aleve doesn't help me because that's what I usually take for pain. ibuprofen does not touch me at all. I am now taking Levsin for the cramps and Lortab for the butt pain. All I want is to know what on earth is wrong with me and get some relief. Now I'm a week away from my next cycle and I'm scared $h!+less about how this one will affect me. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear Flangela: Thank you for giving another prospective about GYN related rectal pain. The most common culprits are endometriosis of the rectum/bowel or referred pain from uterine cramping. Yet both of these tend to flare pretty much during menstruation.

    Based upon what you have shared it sounds like a mass (probable fibroid) from the back wall of the uterus is pressing down on the rectum/bowel and perhaps prompting bowel spasms (hence the Levsin prescription). Large pelvic masses (eg fibroid uterus, ovarian cyst, pregnant uterus) can occupy space needed for bladder capacity or comfortable bowel function.

    Perhaps they are wanting to wait until this upcoming cycle to see if the pain is stable or worsens (like one of the conditions mentioned above). That may be able to give more diagnostic clues. If you bowel pain really escalates during your period be sure to contact your GYN, they are in the best position to give you the most accurate information. They may also refer you to see a GI specialist if indicated. ...So sorry that you are having to deal with this for almost a month.


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