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Perplexed with main, peri-meno
Nicki62 posted:
Hi, am based in UK but WEBmd US is so much better and I love reading the threads. Help please I feel like I'm mad. I'm a therapist and herbalist but need help with peri-meno. I am 49 think I started about 8 years ago with emotional mood swings, tantrums and lack of concentration. Periods OK but I was never that regular, always had very little pain. Started getting occasional odd ovary pains few years back, but didn't last long, quite bad and mysterious. Last May woke up one morning at 5pm with terrible lower belly pain, (real low pubic) nowhere else - really bad, since I never had bad period pains hard for me to quantify. I'd add I am slim, very very fit and health conscious.
It was agonising and later seemed to go into period cramp. Over months that followed I got this pain more often, constipation, or bowel movement made it worse, pressure on abdo made worse. Nearly always between hours of 3pm and 7pm. Then periods started all the time, rarely a break, would be light and then 3 or 4 days heavy, some flooding. And really horrific occasional bouts of periods cramp with twinges all time, often late in day making me feel bed only option. Have had this now since I would say Last July so over a year. However now flooding gone just persistent period with little break can cope with that - and am feeling more flushed. Have had some hot flushes over past years but treated them herbally and am coping. However, I need reassurance.
Also, I think I had a UTI tested for it and have treated naturally, this seems recurrent lots of peeing and pressure feelings but hard to tell with all this period muddle up. Yes I know isn't all this confusing?
I must add that I have absolutely no back pain but have had groin pain and shooting pains down legs from time to time. Am feeling better with UTI but still have this morning pain and twinges. Some vitamin and herbal tablets seem to aggravate it.
Yes, I am worried since I have never had pain. My problem is, I am a virgin from choice, have never messed around so feel it unlikely I could have a sexual disease. Here in UK national health does not treat you well and I do not want to be forced into a painful smear test as unless paid for privately friends have told me it is awful and you are treated little better than an animal. Private medical care here more expensive than US although this pain in morning very bad and I am worried, feeling maybe forced. Trouble is here we have to see our doctor first for an OK before we go private. The process in the UK is that a doctor will not listen, we have trouble changing doctors here according to our system without perhaps being struck off our surgery list.
I feel very sensitive about this as I unless I have to I don't want lots of nasty invasive prodding which will only make me more miserable. I need to know if this pain is normal really and where I am at in relation to all you other lovely ladies and how much longer this will last before I go nuts.
I am professional hardworking run my own business, so you see the problem is if I don't work I don't eat and have an aged family reliant on me. Yes I guess now, this is really ruining my life. If any professional could reassure me it would help. Thanks so much.
fcl responded:
There is absolutely nothing normal about this pain. What you have describedare pretty typical symptoms of fibroids. No, there is no natural treatment and it won't go away on its own, in fact, it will only get worse. See your doctor about this. There are several ways of treating it and none involve a pap smear. Here is a link to information about fibroids:

I also suggest you get your UTI treated properly. It keeps coming back because it probably needs an antibiotic treatment (most do). Please get it treated before it does damage further up your urinary tract.

For the good of your own health and you personal comfort please see your doctor ASAP.

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